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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've always have been aware of my vagina. I mean, even as a child I remember rubbing against things, knowing something was happening, but not quite sure.
    As I got older, I would spend time exploring it. As a teenager, I would even prop a hand mirror against the pillow so I could watch myself masturbate.
    I knew what felt good, how I like it, and what it would take to bring me to orgasm.
    I took on younger male lovers, as a way to teach them how to pleasure a woman.
    I took on female lovers as a way to share my love of the female body.
    I am now in my 30's, and totally comfortable with my sex.
    I know how to give great head (so I'm told); I love a hot, hard fuck. I also enjoy the tenderness that a woman can give.
    I hope that every woman and man can take the time to really enjoy the vagina. Don't be in a hurry! Great love making is better enjoyed when you take time to explore your lover.

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    Vaginas rock.
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    Ha; tell that to my GF who's always in a rush. Sometimes I think she should of been a guy.
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    the only thing i find soo gross about vaginas (and i have one) is public hair... do guys actually like it?
  • 4
    Never bothered me !!
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    Showin ur hairs out in the PUBLIC...takes guts. LOL
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    I'm neither into "public" (I assume this means public showing) nor pubic hair. Ever heard of razor's?
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    I like it short. I like a little something to enhance the view, but trimmed nice and neat. Of course, some guys like the hairy ones. Go figure.
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    to the reply that said that some guys like pubic hair trimmed neat and short, how short is "short" and how long would it be to be considered gross?
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    How much is too much is a very personal thing. For me, I like shaved bare, I like a close-cropped bush with and neatly shaven edges, I like unshaven but trimmed down, and I like au naturel, as long as that is not really thick, bushy, or long. Beyond that, I'd have to see to give an opinion.
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    what color?

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