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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a question. I just got a new job in a very professional business office. The office consist of nine women and two men. One female restroom and one male restroom, they are not open to the public ever, due to security issues only the emplyees can access the back to the restroom with your tumb print.

    Now on my third day of work, when I arrived that morning my supervisor called me on the phone and said she is not "blaming" me but she just told all the women in the office to please clean up behind them because "someone" pissed on the seat and showed signs of mensration drips on the floor the day before. She also said this never happen before and "we" are grown women for this not to happen again.

    Now I felt so terrible all day becuase as the new women I don't want anyone to think it was me, I wanted to walk around with a sign on my head stating "It was not me, I am not even on my period"!!!! Does anyone understand or ever had a similar situation?

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    It doesn't sound like you will keep this job very long either.
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    And there are those who always blame the guys for missing the bowl. Seems the reality is females are the messier ones with their non-aiming hoovering act.
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    "...<I>hoovering< ;/I>act" ???
    Is it possible you meant "hover"ing, as in: 1 a : to hang fluttering in the air or on the wing b : to remain suspended over a place or object.
    2 a : to move to and fro near a place : fluctuate around a given point <unemployment hovered around 10%> b : to be in a state of uncertainty, irresolution, or suspense. - ?

    Actually, all things considered, I think the only way o.p. will be able to get and keep any kind of job will be if she does develop some quite strong "ho<B>o</B>vering& quot; skills, and a nice set of kneepads.
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    Let me guess - this is the one where the mean bitchy supervisor begins to harrass you (supposedly) and you run and get an attorney (as if) and you sue them and you win "millions" (yeah, sure) and never have to work another day - until you decide to post another "job harrassment" confession...............
    The interesting part of this is that you continue to find employers that don't check your previous employment record.
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    Yes, something similar happened to me, but with food & roaches not the bathroom. I joined an office staff where it was customary to eat lunch in one of several nearby restaurants. Because I was fresh out of school with many loans, a new apt, and a car payment, I ate lunch at my desk every day the first week. The next monday, my new boss called me into her office and said that the maintainence workers said they would have to spray for roaches. She said she wasn't accusing me, but they never had roaches before and I ate at my desk. I was so horrified that I didn't even bother to mention that several other co-workers snack at their desks.

    I don't eat at my desk anymore and the roaches have come back, but she's never apologized.

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