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    Posted by Anonymous

    I wanted to get pregnat but my boyfriend said that he wasn't ready for kids. But I know that he would be a great father. He has always told me that he wants kids, but he dosen't know when he would be ready. So I kinda choose a time for him. I poked holes in the condoms we used. And now I'm pregnat. He says he's happy. But I don't know if it was the right thing to do. Should I tell him? Or should I keep the secret. I don't want him to be made at me or resent the baby. what should I do?

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    I don't think you should tell him. He has a right to know, but unless you think he can handle the information, it sounds to me like telling would cause more trouble than it is worth. He could end up hating you for the rest of his life.
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    I think you were very wrong to force him into fatherhood, but I doubt it would go down very well if you told him so. There's nothing you can do about it now, so just concentrate on being a better wife and good mom. It sounds like you were desperate for children, so you're likely to be an excellent mother, but maybe you could think about treating your husband's feelings with more respect.
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    i only have 2 things to say:
    1. It was VERY fucked up that you did that when he said he wasn't ready.
    2. I wouldn't tell him what you did because
    a. he can use that against you if yall ever break up and you try to get child support.
    b. he is laible to kick/ have someone kick your ass.
    i am a female, but put in that situation, i would pick 2b. you would be without a baby when i got done with you.

    DO you realize what you did was very DIRTY, and triflin!!
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    If I found out, I would sue the living shit out of you. You may be allowed to keep the baby, but the baby would sure as hell grow up without a father. Everyone you dated would be told what you had done. I would probably have you beaten as well, and cause every problem I could for you. I would ruin your life.

    And to whoever said that she would make a good mother - are you stupid? Psycopaths don't generally do well in parenting. If you support her, than you are just as stupid and you should both be sterilized.
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    Fuck you. I was the one who said she would be a good mother and I am definitely not stupid. Nor do I deserve to be sterilised. Your reply suggests that you are far more of a psychopath than she is if you go around suggesting things like that. If she wanted a baby that badly then she would doubtless put her all into bringing it up to the best of her ability.

    I am not condoning what she did whatsoever. It is not something I approve of and definitely not something I ever even contemplate doing myself. I think it was a disgusting thing to do, and yes, she deserves to feel guilty, very guilty about what she has done. And it seems that she does. She has to live with what she has done. Sometimes people do stupid things when they are desperate and I am hoping that it was this reason that led her to do it.
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    Yes you were wrong (to say the least). Now you have to live with it. Telling him now would only break his trust in you, and without trust there can be little more.
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    if i were you i would wait until your child is about 20 and then tell him so that he will not resent the kid and will be thankful that you did that.
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    That was extremely fucked up. Perhaps he acually isn't ready to be a father. Maybe he just said he wanted children becasue he knew how much you wanted to be a mother and only wanted you to be happy. then later on WHEN HE WAS READY he'd be a father by his own choice. It probly would have been a very exciting day to finally tell his wife that he's ready to start a family. But no, your greedy selfishness took thataway from him. If my wife did that to me i'd definatly would want to know. Good or bad consequences,i'd still want to know.
    I'll just say this. You better not, under any cicumstances give your husband shit for ANYTHING for the rest of his life. Let him enjoy his hobbies when he wants to. He gets the remote, forver. Even if he has an affair 10 years from now. Thats nothing compared to this. Betrayal like this astounds me, especialy to someone you "love".

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