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    Posted by Anonymous

    Yesterday we were at a local lake when girlfriend told me she had to pee. "So pee," I said, while at the same time pulling aside the bottom of her bikini since we were the only ones within about 500 ft. At that point we were on the beach near the water but she decided to walk into the water just a few feet. Standing there at first, then squatting into the water; I thought all was ok and done, until a few minutes later when she walked over around the side of an umbrella we had lying there and I heard a grunt. I looked around and she was squatting and pushing so I said, "again," to which she said, "I hate when this happens; that I have to pee but it won't come out." Well eventually her stream burst out hissing away into the sand and she just smiled at me with relief written on her face.

    Ok girls..... what is that all about? I thought only guys got "pee lock?" O and shy she's not with me; she's been peeing in front of me for least 4 yrs.

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    If she wasn't shy, she wouldn't have said I have to piss, she would just hiked up her leg and pissed. And perhaps the reason she couldn't piss was because her pee hole was full of sand.
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    I doubt female pee holes get filled with sand. If you knew your lower female anatomy you would know whyl
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    Anythings possible with a cunt.
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    Now that's a really stupid thing to say.

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