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    Posted by Anonymous

    I got married when I was 20. Dave was such a nice guy... except when drinking.
    It started with a slap one drunken night. Every drunkfest after, the beating got worse.
    One night he came home and beat me up bad. He went to bed, while I cried in the kitchen with ice packs on my face.
    I decided that was enough. I grabbed Sara, my two year old daughter, & put her in the car seat. I gathered some clothes for her & me.
    I went back into the bedroom with a ball bat and started beating the shit out of the bastard.
    He came to, and lunged out of bed at me. I popped him under his left ear- really hard with the bat. I heard a cracking thud, & he went down.
    I moved 2000 miles away & got divorced. I found out from my friend/ neighbor that Dave spent a lot of time in the hospital, and had to have plastic surgery.
    You know what? I don't care!
    Girls- if your man beats you- get an escape bag ready. Save some money, and remember the bastards have to sleep some time.Get out quick!!!

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    What's wrong with you. You should have taken him to a special doctor. ( I FORGET WHAT THEY'RE CALLED) Instead of bashing his skull in.

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    First of all what you did was asult with a weapon which could land you jail time.
    Second, taking a minor child from a parent without his/her consent is kidnapping, more jail time, not to mention the loss of any custodial rights.
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    I think she did the right thing. No woman deserves to be continually abused. I thinks she crossed the line by hitting him in the head, but body shots were enough.
    As far as taking the kid, it was probably only time before he started smacking her too.
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    the way i look at it is, revenge is a bitch.
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    Two wrongs DON'T make a right.
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    A special doctor? I think you're thinking of a taxidermist. Stuff him and mount him on a wall...
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    abviously its not that hard to see all the guys that posted against the stry r guys all the ppl who posted for the story are girls and plus it wouldnt be assualt i watched a movie on it once she is defending herself and the child it wouldnt be kidnapping because hse is with NOE of the parents, and thats ok
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    Congradulations; that has got to be the most porley written English i've ever attempted to read, so not only can you NOT write, you also don't know what the hell your writing about. Here's a fact for you to ponder; you know all those flyers we get and see about missing kids; a very high percentage of them are abducted by one of their parents. As for self defense; if the guy was asleep, putting aside the fact that he should of been "hung out to dry someplace," no case could be made for defending ones self against someone who was asleep at the time. It's called assult plain and simple.
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    I am a 43 year old male, and I think what she did was right. No woman deserves to be abused, and it sounds like an ongoing problem.
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    well what should she have done? taken off and left her daughter to suffer with her father? it was the right thing

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