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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a nice ass.. is that bad? will it make guys like me?

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    I have to think you're just bragging about having a great backside. But hey, plenty of us girls like a nice ass on another woman!
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    I am a guy and if you have a nice ass, I will kiss it all over. I love to kiss ass. I would love to bury my face in your ass. I will praise your ass.
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    Today is my 62nd birthday. May I give your ass 62 kisses and give your ass 62 licks?
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    Some guys may like it while others may not as some like um large and fat while others like um small and tight.
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    A nice ass is a beautiful thing. It will be even more beautiful if you keep it clean. If it doesn't have any cheese on it a guy may even want to give you a rim job.
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    I have heard of a rim job. Isn't that when a guy or a female would lick my asshole? I wonder how that would feel? Have you ever received a rim job? I bet that would feel good having a wet tongue licking my asshole. What percentage of men do you think would lick a girl's asshole?

    I better keep my asshole area clean at all times.
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    Hell yeah it will make guys like you, and no it is definitely not bad.

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