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    Posted by Anonymous

    for some reasons I need to get married as soon as possible, that's why I've seduced him, pretending to be fond of him while if I didn't need him I'd have beat the shit outta him because he isn't very nice also , I'm just putting up with his unkind manners, he is a complete bastard just let me marry him and I'll show him my other face.

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    So basically you're not really that much different than most women.
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    Just to marry the guy only to show him your real face...Isn't that a little much? I mean, we're talking about what's supposed to be a permanent situation. Couldn't you just leave him at the alter?
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    you're both dumb bastards.. why not get married?
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    If your looking for a meal ticket I only hope, as I would, that he insists on a pre-nupt.

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