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    Posted by Anonymous

    ok for the last like 5-8 years i've been doing this......ok like i lay on my back put my right hand on my pussy the the left hand on top of the right then roll over onto my belly and press on my pussy until i get this sensation that feels soooooo good then i keep pressing on my pussy until its gone and it just feels so good....and i was just wondering if this is normal and if anyone else does this?

    #8690 — Comments (3) — Jan 12, 2004 at 6:32 PM — That's Juicy! (2) Remove It.
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    Congratulations, you have just discovered masturbation. Now go do it and leave the internet for those of us who paid attention duirng sex ed.
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    ok first off i know what masturbating is and that isn't it cuz i don't cum when i do that......
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    Pussy denotes a general area, can you be more specific as to where your putting what. For example, are you putting any fingers inside, are you just putting pressure on your clit?

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