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    Posted by Anonymous

    No matter how much I wipe my ass, I always always get shit stains on my anties after taking a shit. How can I wipe my ass without getting shit stains on my panties?

    I suppose the only realistic way is to get in the shower and soap my hands up and wash between my ass cheeks.

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    Just how big is your ass?
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    What does the size of my ass have to do with it? Panties ride up your ass no matter how small or big one's ass is.

    I have a medium size ass.

    Are you trying to say you never get shit stains or maybe you never shit.

    I just asked why I get shit stains no matter how much I wipe. Maybe you can wipe my ass for me to the point of not getting shit stains on my panties.
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    you are gross women don't talk gross like that you sound like a man
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    Gross my ass. You mean there are no gross women in this world. There is grossness all over the world.

    I think to prevent shit stains you have to hop in the shower after you wipe your ass and wash out between your ass cheeks. this applies to both men and women. Good God, don't freak out.
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    Three words - flushable baby wipes. They clean my ass perfectly after taking a shit. Plus, they won't plug up the toilet aftr flushing the crapper.

    As a side note, my wife can cuss a blue streak that would make a sailor blush, so yes, a chick can talk as gross as a guy.
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    It's called a Bedet; a divice kind of looks like toilet and sits next to it and when you turn it on a sit on it you get a stram of warm water where washing is needed.

    If your cheep and don't want to spend the bucks for one; sit on the sink and use your hand.
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    so your telling me everytime they take a shit they hop in the shower to clean their ass? that's bull
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    I am not telling anybody to jump in the shower to clean their ass everytime they take a shit. That's for people who can't stand shit stains on their underwear.

    It's hard not to get shit stains no matter how much you wipe. Shit stains rule.
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    How about after you wipe your ass the best you can, you place a wad of toilet paper between your ass cheeks then you won't get shit stains on your panties, just the toilet paper. Then at the end of the day, you throw the toilet paper into the toilet and flush your shit stains down the toilet.
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    Okay; I'm a guy, but a girl friend of mine and I discussed this once.
    The bidet is the best way, as another poster pointed out, but they're hard to come by in Bushoria.
    I haven't tried the flushable baby wipes.
    My method is to wet a good sized wad of toilet paper and really scrub the old anus down until there's no more brown.
    Try that.
    If it doesn't work for you, and you don't want to get a bidet or use the baby wipes, then may I suggest a disposable pad placed in the crotch of your panties.
    Another possibility is to stop wearing panties and try bloomers (if you can still find them) or jockey shorts for men.
    Neither of them should ride up your crack.

    Good luck!

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