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    Posted by Anonymous

    Lick my tits and nipples and french kiss me and do anything else you want to do to me.

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    You would lick my asshole too.

    Seriously,what is wrong with my request?
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    Ok, then I will lick your tits and nipples. I will even kiss your ass and I will wear your panties. If you want me too and only if you want me too I will lick your asshole. Can you imagine how good that is going to feel?

    How old are you? Well it doesn't matter, I will still do those things mentioned above.
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    uh by asshole I meant you're an asshole
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    Why am I an asshole and yes I did know what you meant.

    I just want you to make love to me or vice versa.

    What do you say? I have a great body, probably much better than yours.
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    Are you gay?
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    !Wow! That's just the girl for me. Willing and submissive so I can let my imagination run wild. I've always wanted to bend a girls over the back of a sofa, spank her ass rosy red and then lubricate her intire crotch. Then the fun would begin by shoving two fingers up the asshole and my thumb into your pussy and squeez them inside. That would be just the biginnig of and endless sexual joy. Would you like that or do you have something else in mind? I'm not gay, age 35 and and an 8 inch dick for you to play with.

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