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    Posted by Anonymous

    I notice a lot of women masterbate by touching themselves, rubbing themselves, using dildos and such, etc, etc. I masterbate quite often, but the only way I reach the big O is by rubbing myself against my body pillow.. is that normal? I've tried to rub myself but it doesn't work. Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Nothing wrong with that; I hump my pillows and stuffed animals all the time to masturbate. I even own a body pillow that I like to ride - I've left pussy cum stains all over it.
    Do you ever hump while being watched? My husband watches me sexually assault my pillow all the time, while he beats off. Being watched masturbating is great!
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    I've never been watched while doing it before, I've always been too shy! Do you think I should?
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    Don't listen to the last poster - masturbating in front of someone else is great! Especially if that some one else is special to you - masturbating is such a normally solitary act that it really means something if your close enough to another person that you can show him/her how you pleasure yourself. Plus, it's just damn kinky having my hubby watch me - and he gets so worked up from watching me do the mattress mambo with my pillow that he can't wait to fuck me!
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    I do something similar. For me it is because I need the contact with my clitoris.

    I think everything is okay as long as no one is being hurt too much and there are NO children.
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    Do you have a nice ass? Will you hump my face with your ass?
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    I actually hump with my pussy.

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