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    Posted by Anonymous

    I want to know if any of you hot young ladies would be willing to sell your fragrant panties??...Does it turn you on to know that I will jack off while sniffing them??

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    It is sort of a turn on, and I would like to see that but I would rather see you licking my panties that are stained with shit, piss and my pussie juices. Would you do that?
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    Do you mean you want to sniff new unworn panties or soiled panties?

    How about if I sniff your underwear but only if you wear tighty whities?
  • 3
    you would love my panties. i'm naturally very very wet, so they always are slightly damp. and they always smell sweet and sexy.
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    You are totally getting me excited. My pussy juices are flowing. How old are you, you sweet thing?
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    No ,I don't want the shitty part..Just the pussy juice part
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    Now it's YOUR panties that I want..Thats perfect!!!!But, would you really sell them?
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    I want yours too!!!!
  • 8
    I personally would sniff your panties that are stained with shit stains, piss stains and your pussy juices. I would of course lick your shit stains that are long dry
    brown streaks. You can jack me off while I am licking your panties. I now have a boner.
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    I would sell my dirty wet juicy panties. How do we contact you?

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