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    Posted by Anonymous

    i have had my period for a few years now and i was thinking about starting to wear tampons but i dont know how to insert them properly and i dont have a mom to ask these questions to ... so please let me know how to insert them properly umm i was also wondering that wen u put one on is the string supposed to be hanging in the front of ur pussy or do u have it hanging out the bak??

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    You've asked this same question before little boy, go ask the little girl next door.
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    Avoid the confussion - wear a pad. And if you read the warning on the box, you'll find tampon use may lead to cancer.
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    Just google it. I'm sure there are probably 50 web sites explaining how to do that, with pictures and everything.
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    Leave it hanging out the back. It will really help if you get the runs......
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    that makes no sense at all.
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    Tampon use does not lead to cancer...I have used them for several years and have never seen a "cancer warning" on them. However, there is a warning for Toxic Shock Syndrome. TSS, can occur when you leave your tampon in too long, or not wearing the right 'size' (say if you are only bleeding a minor amount, don't wear a heavy flow tampon.)Once you go to the bathroom, take out the's also a good idea to alternate between tampons and pads every 4-8 hours.

    If you were serious about your tampon inquiry (which I doubt) all you have to do is buy a box and read the incert. It has detailed directions and information.
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    Ewwwww. I am glad that I am not a woman.

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