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    Posted by Anonymous

    All you lesbians out there. Would you make love to Rosie O'Donnell? How about you straight girls?

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    My wife happens to be bi, so when I asked her if she'd ever have sex with Rosie, her response was: "YUCK!"
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    Good answer.

    May I ask you a question? Why doesn't your wife being a bi-sexual bother you? I am not being smart, I am just curious.
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    Just hearing the name Rosie O'Donnell make me want to puke.
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    Number one, the fact that she's into chicks is damn hot!
    Number two, she can empathize with my straight, male sexuality - instead of being offended when I oggle another woman in public, she's getting an eyeful, too.
    Number three, sex is fantastic, being that I know my wife is sexed up for the same reasons that I am.
    Number four, I love hearing her sexual fantasies, and past sexual experiences involving other women - makes for great masturbatorial material for both of us!
    In closing, I have no reason to have a problem with my wife's sexuality.
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    Rosie O'Donnell is nasty and that is coming from a sraight chic but she is more manly than most guys!!!!
    Her mouth does not help her...she keeps running it and is so one sided!

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