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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy and i was wondering what you girls think about a penis that isn't circumcised or if you prefer one that is.

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    I think they are so ugly so if you want to date me it had better be clipped.
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    I've never been with a guy that wasn't cut....but my best friend has. she said if he had cleaned it better it wouldn't have been a big deal. So just make sure when you wash down there to pull that flab of skin back and clean under that too.... ALWAYS clean under the flab. i also heard guys that aren't cut are bigger!
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    And we all know just what a prize date YOU are! Foreskins are there for a reason, fool. It produces a little secretion and sliding action to protect both you and the penis from chaffing until you both lube up from the excitement. Stay away from Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Orient - most of the rest of the world, in fact, if you don't like foreskins. The circumcision belt includes the U.S.A. and the Middle East. Places known for their tolerance and sophistication in sexual matters.
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    Circumcision rules. Foreskin sucks.
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    You mean when a girl or guy sucks someone's dick that is not circumsized (sp)that foreskin goes in and out of their mouth? Ewwwwwww!!!!!!
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    I think it doesn't matter. Plus, I can tell you, you will loose sensation. If you are a baby and have this procedure done, you will not remember having that sensation. If a woman thinks it's nasty, chances are you don't want to be with her anyway. It is how you work what you have.
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    I had a man that wasn't cut & I loved it! He was very clean and it was sooo biggg he was the first at my age 43 to give me a true climax. He passed away & I miss him so much!!
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    You are exactly right. I'm a guy (spanish) and were are not circuncised. As a small boy I couldn't even touch it with my finger it hurt so much, but as you mature it gives you a wonderfull sensation. I'm certain circumcised guys are missing out on that, but is's a MUST to keep it clean. My rule is, we both take a shower and then get all wet during forplay. I don't know if it has some efect on the size of your dick. I'm not the bigest, but thank God it's 7" and thick. If your born with it don't fix it.
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    I have been to nude beaches in Europe and I was like the only guy not to have a foreskin.I even had these two Portugese girls ask me if I was Jewish because I had no skin. I am still glad it is not there. To me it make a guy look like he has a sausage casing on the end of his shaft.
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    To my opinion if your are cut then you are missing out on alot. My man has a 7" uncut penis It so smooth and when he becomes hard to tell you the truth you dont even know if there is forskin there or not but asoon as he puts it in the friction of us having sex and his skin sliding back and forth gives out the pleasure ever. I have had sex with circumsized men but its harder to keep wet with them the head of the penis tends to be smalled and you dont get the sliding sensetion when having sex.

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