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    Posted by Anonymous

    i am 17 and i just caught my step brother jerking off and jizzing while peeping on me in the shower . i only noticed because his jizz accidentally shot through the crack in the door . he ran off and he has since said hes really sorry and not to tell on him. what should i do ? has any girls out there had anything simalar happen to them ? advice pls

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    Make him your slave or you'll tell on him!!! Nah that's wrong don't do really should tell him if it happens again your gonna say something! but if it never happens again just try to forget about a way it should make u feel kinda good (in a incest way) that he was beating off to your HOT ASS!!! but foreal if you think he's sick and twisted get him help! you don't want him growing up to be a peeping tom or worse!
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    I say tach him a lesson. I say that a day when your parents are not home, you tie him up and then take off all his clothes including his underpants, totally naked, and put him on his bed. When your girlfriends come over, you take him to his bedroom and the girls will just laugh their asses off. You tell your brother since he got a look at your ass, you want to give him a closer look. You get him on his back and a couple of your friends hold him down. You strip from the waist down and you sit your ass on his face and you say is this a better view of my ass?

    Then if any or all of your girlfriends want him to get a close look at their ass, then they can sit on his face.

    Then Make him jack off in front of all of you. Then make him take a shower while all of you watch.
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    I wish you were my stepsister!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you mean you wouldn't mind having some girls sit their bare ass on your face? Wonder if one or two of them were to fart while they were sitting on your face or if one of them just took a shit a little while ago before she sat on your face? Wonder if one of them wanted to shit on your face?

    Would you mind if they spanked you? Wonder if they made you wear panties?
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    I've read this same story several other places. If it's true and your the only one posting them I suggest you stop making such a big deal and move on with your life.
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    Just a coincidence. Just don't read the story if you don't like it. Oh, and by the way, go fuck yourself.
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    It's me again. If you think it's me posting the same stories and you are telling me to move on with my life, then what are you doing on this website. Perhaps you need a life too. Are you a detective also. A lot of people send in depantsing stories so have you complained to them also and what about all of the same wet stories and all the other I have a big cock stories.

    Go screw yourself.
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    I am going to get off this website just to make you happy
    even though you think I repeat stories. I will come back in one month and check stories out and you can be sure that none of them will be mine.
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    i say get naked again and make him jack off in front of you and cum all over your face
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    Another "Move on with your life" reply.

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