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    Posted by Anonymous

    I want a team of cheerleaders to do cheers for me wearing your regular panties under your skirts (solid color panties) and topless.

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    Back in highschool, a cheerleader who was something of a tease knelt down on one knee to tie her shoe, all the while looking up at me. She knew I'd have a perfect view of what she had under her short pleated skirt, which was regular white cotton panties with flower pattern. Then she stood up and spun around, so that her skirt flew up, so I'd have a perfect shot of her panties.
    She knew I was considered a nerd, and too chicken shit to step out of the high school caste system to approach her, even after showing me her panties. She was a flirt, who figured I'd go home after school and masturbate over seeing her panty crotch. And she was right.
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    A good friend of mine (I'm a guy and she wasn't) all through grade school became a cheerleader in high school, so despite my nerdiness, I had a good friend on the squad. She did stuff like that too, so I know what you're talking about.

    From time to time she'd bump into me 'accidentally' in the hall, knowing that touching her uniform made me nuts. When she wasn't in uniform, she behaved much more sedately. There must be something about the uniform - girls know that cheerleader skirts drive boys crazy!!
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    What's the big deal..... go to the beach and you will see a whole lot more skin.
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    When I went to high school basketball games, I would sit on the first row. This wa 30 minutes before the game started. A lot of the cheerleaders would walk up to the top row of the stands to bs with their friends sitting up at the top row. As they were walking up to the back row, I would turn and watch them walk up and naturally I got a nice view up their skirts.
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    It's not the same thing at all. A flattering skirt is designed to accentuate the curves of the body. To a high school boy, seeing a girl - probably a reasonably fit girl - in a short skirt which shows off her waist and legs can be far more appealing than a semi-naked one.

    Any school kid can get a look at skin in one of dad's magazines hidden under his bed. But to see sometimes-flirty girls you know walking around in revealing clothes is much better.

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