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    I am obsessed with cutting myself. I did a report of self-mutiliation for school and now I can't stop thinking about it. I haven't actually cut myself yet, but I bought an exacto knife and have drawn pictures of myself bleeding. I don't know what exactly makes me think about it except I bet it would feel good and I could make some cool designs. I know that's not why other people cut themselves, but I just obsess over it.

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    It seems to be a thing that's been around for awhile. My niece did it to herself. Thank God she stopped before she really damaged herself. My suggestion? Don't do it, or if you get the urge, use a fake, flimsy plastic knife. Don't really cut yourself. You'll just regret it.
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    Tell someone. You need help.
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    Believe me, it WON'T "feel good"
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    You'll be very sorry haveing to look at ugly scars the rest of your life, not to mention explaining them to another some day. Seek some help now.
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    I'm one of those people that have to look at "ugly scars" for the rest of my life and i'm only 14. Different people cut for different reasons, some people do it for attention but most people(myself included) do it as an emotional release. I refuse to get help mainly because I hate shrinks but now it's a bad obsession I have. I get upset I head for a knife. Of course it can be lethal (bleeding to death) but long time cutters have a general idea of how far they can go without loosing too much blood. If your one of those people that do it just for attention, or thinking about doing it.....DON't it's adicting as hell because after a while it does feel good, and it's a feeling like some sort of drug. But seriously stop before you start.

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