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    Posted by Anonymous

    First off I'll say sorry my spelling isn't the greatest.
    I was looking for a place where I could are some of my confessions that I haven't told a living sole in my life.

    I will decribe my self first of all to be a little bit easier for every one to understand me better. I am almost 6 foot tall I have long sandy brown hair with highlights, green eyes an you can say I need a breast reduction with 40 g's an only weighing about 138. Ya other women out there I know you know how I feel some days... yes guys they are all natural.

    this confession I would like to let out is a long one so please bare with me. One weekend after visiting some of my friends I desided to go out to a club wich will remain nameless *lol. I took a shower and got dressed to kill, I ware my very best dress. It is a silk black silk one peice that has a plunging v-neck that reaches my bellybutton.
    an I put on my six inch high heel pumps that had an ankel strap on them.

    After dressing up the phone rang, it was one of my girlfriends I haven't seen in ages that was in form out of town for the weekend and wanted to catch up on old times.
    Now mind you I haven't seen this friend in years and Her an I weren't the type that had sleep overs or did the girly things together when we were younger ither, We were just simply friends. Anyhoo, I told her I was going out to the club and asked if she wanted to meet up. " Sure " she said, So I told her I'd meet her there around 10 an off I went.

    While I waited at the club for my friend I had a drink, I love the drink called caribou lou. Well I must have had at least half the glass gone and I was feeling it. Finaly my friend showed up and she looked out rageously beautiful.
    I almost didn't reconize her by the way she was dressed but when she started talking I knew instantly it was her. She had on this blue long dress that had a slit up the side that went form the floor all the way to her hip, but she always seem to be fixing her dress the hole time we talked.

    After about one or two more drinks thinks started getting a little wild. She started hitting on me, Telling me how beautiful I am and how wonderful my breast looked. I started to become aroused by this an it was getting late so I stated I was going to call a taxi but she offered to take me home an I agreed. Apon returning to my door I unlocked it and needed help to the couach... Then I learned something I didn't know about my friend I never new befor. As I sat there on the couach next to my friend drunk an now horny form her expressing my looks to me. I found my self rubbing her breast an plaing with her inner thigh. BUT to my surprize I descovered she had felt a little odd between her legs after I reatch the middle. I pulled my hand out and she stud up and dropped her panties and revieled she had a penis! Now mind you I'm A very open minded person but that kinda scared me... She must have seen that I was a little freaked out about it but now that I think about it I get wet and very arroused. I honestly don't know what to do.. I want to talk to her about what happend that night or tell her that I am now thinking about it an fantasize about her but I'm just very scared of the reaction she will have..

    What's your thoughts on it ..

    Jasmin an no not my real name..

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    Okay, by what you said in your first paragraph your transgender friend must have thought you were a chic with a dick too. I mean you are nearly 6 feet tall and were wearing six inch heals...I find that very hard to picture. You must look like an Amazon! Whatever though...I guess you should try to talk to her/him...
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    If it weren't for the fact that the seduction was not consumated, I would think this was a Penthouse Letters tryout.
    Presuming it's for real, I'd say you should cut your 'friend' dead.
    Who needs a transexual as a lover?

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