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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a guy that was dumped by my girlfriend six mouths ago. During our relationship she had taken many pictures of us having sex. I was devastated when I got and email and saw myself naked with a hand yerking my hard dick. I keept getting more naked photos of myself in very embarrassing postures from diferent senders. I finally fund out that my ex-girlfriend had emailed them to all her girlfriends and gave them my email adress out of revenge. She picked all of them were I appeared by myself. Some included text asking me to send them more naked pictures and some wanting to have sex with them. I knew she had them all in her computer and din't think she would do something like that to me. But I conviced myself that if porn stars don't mind the whole world to see them naked, I wouldn't mind either. I began answering back all these emails and having sex from PC to PC as well as personaly fucking with a few of them. The whole thing balooned into a type of sex service, as my email got passed on making my feel like a male whore. Now my ex has been taking a forceful vacation from having sex, and I am enjoying plenty of sexual variety. I"M THE HAPPIEST MAN IN TOWN.

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    Fantasies are wonderful things, aren't they?
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    Perhaps you should apply the brakes, or should that be breaks, while yerking your dick, or should that be jerking, if you keept doing that you might want to go with kept, but anyhow, not a bad story for a 12 year old.

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