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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 16 year old boy and I have been doing shameful things to my girl cousin for the past year. She's 14 now and bigining to look really sexy. The flirting has been going on for the past year and all sorts of sexual ideas have been going threw my mind. We live out in the country and and go hang out with each other in the back woods of her house. We went into this storage shed and I couldn't help but feeling her up. She took it as a sexy game and went on to hold her down, lift up her dress up and get her panties off. She stopped struggling and let me look and play with her pussy. The next week we went back to the shed and this time she let me take her clothes off, I made her cum by sucking her pussy. She is a virgin so we just keep it down to oral sex and mutual masturbation. We talk about that we shouldn't be doing this and are both warry of being caught. But we just give in to pleasure every time and then feel guilt about it about it aftewards. We are family related and don't know if we are doing anything ilegal. !Help!

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    Actually, only marriage between cousins had been illegal (don't hold me to this, but I think that's no longer the case). But as long as the situation doesn't involve an adult and a child, there's nothing against the law here. Look back far enough in your family tree, and you're sure to find plenty of marriages between cousins.
    Just be careful of your family - they'll probably bust your ass for it.
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    I guess that's so, but the repurcussions from their families finding out would lead to a lifelong embarrassment, if not worse.
    And then there's pregnancy to think about.
    Remember, if you can't be good, then at least be careful!
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    Thanks for the riply, it's go to know but still warries us if it blows over. I hope it stays under the lid till we are over 18. Then we can act like we just started our relationship. Hopefully by then it will be less of a family embarrasment. Thanks.
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    Enjoy the oral and be careful not to get caught by anyone. Has she made any move on you? Has she wanted to suck your dick at all?

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