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    Posted by Anonymous

    This is only for girls, not guys who like to wear pantyhose.
    What is the general rule for women: I don't think it is necessary to wear underwear with hose especially if they have that cotton panel that covers the crotch. My wife didn't wear any for a long time until she got upwinded as we were walking downtown and a bunch of people saw her bare ass. Now she always wears at least a string.

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    My wife tells me panties should always be worn with hose.
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    any definitive reason why
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    I always wear panties with pantyhose. I didn't used to though. One day I wore a brand new skirt to work with just pantyhose. Of course, I got a HUGE run that morning and had to go to the ladies room to take them off. That left me in a short skirt with no underwear for the rest of the day, which IS NOT a good thing, by the way.
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    Original poster here--

    why was that all of a sudden not a good thing? If you were already not wearing panties with the pantyhose,and they were sheer wouldn't you be as nude below the waist as before? That was my question for my wife-she always went with just pantyhose which meant someone could see her privates if she was going up stairs, stooping down for something or whatever. The possibility always existed something to happen like the wind. I worked with a woman once who slipped on a wet floor and ended up with her skirt above her waist with no hose, so accidents can always happen.
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    I am a guy and I think pantyhose are a turn off. I think wearing no panties is a turn off. I vote for panties only underneath a skirt. No I don't wear panties although I am tempted to wear my wife's panties when she isn't home.
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    as I said originally, I am looking for women's opinions on this
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    You only have two choices for christ sakes. Wear panties or don't wear panties. Not rocket science.
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    What did your wife say? Seriously, do you really not understand that being in a skirt with no underwear all day can be less than comfortable? It is absolutely not the same thing as being in sheer-to-waist pantyhose by themselves. That having been said, I hardly ever wear those, but regular and especially control top pantyhose keep you pretty "wrapped up" so to speak, even without panties under them. All-sheer hose aren't like wearing nothing, you know you're wearing them. Honestly, if you're really this curious, you might as well try it for yourself.
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    I am a 24 year Asian-Caucasian girl and I never wear panties with hose. It doesn't make sense. I buy and wear pantyhose whose top has a panty design and isn't necessarily sheer all the way. It uncomfortable to me to have twice the amount of lingerie on my butt than is needed.
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    I would like to have my lips and tongue on your butt.

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