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    Posted by Anonymous

    I was an uncontrolable kid in my early years but already 14 years of age and and this began to get me embarrassed. My parents would strip my clothes off and put a lock on my bedroom door, so I couldn't put any clothes on. The object was so I couldn't take off to the street because I had no clothes to put on. They din't care if my sisters or their friends saw me that way. I think in the back of their minds they all enjoyed getting me embarrassed. I have always wondered if anyone else has gotten punished in a similar way, or if this type of punishment has only happed to me?

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    My friend gets punished that way, and she is 14... It's horrible, and she is really upset. I feel so bad for her, and i don't know if it goes under the class of child abuse? I didnt know other people did this to their children.
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    How could they see you with the door locked, and by the way, do you have a small penis?
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    I'm sure my mom got some sort of sexual gratification out of it having been devorced and alone for years. For some resson she never did that to my sisters, maybe because they aproved of what she was doing. They also took advantage of perpously inviting friends to come over, with the approval of my mom. I felt like I was sitting naked in the middle of a public park, for everyone to look at. I'm sure your friend being a girl went threw a similar humiliating experience, spacially at the age of 14. Me being a boy, had to deal with the added shame of getting boners and trying to hide it from being noticed.
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    I was locked out of my room so I couldn't get to my clothes. As for the size of my penus, I had a pretty bing penus for a 14 year old kid, you should see it now that I'm 26. I'm not bragging that it's huge, but it's a good 8 inches long and well rounded, enough for girls to have a good time.
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    Yup. yup.
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    Being a boy...... so now are you a transgender? If not go away.

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