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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm in my twenties and a guy that enjoys sex. I want to try everything in sex at least once. I have this one sexual fantasy that I've never been able for it to come true. I have posted adds, went to clubs and tried to make friends and nothing has happed. I'm talking about lesbian couples. I want to know if lesbian couples would like to have a threesome and invite a man into there bed. My questions to lesbian women.... would you enjoyed a man in your bed? Would you like him to watch? Would you like a man to fuck your partner while you watched? Would you consider something like that out of the question and if you had a man in your relationship, what would you do sexualy with him?

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    Women Only means just that so scram out of here.
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    I want to lick your body all over including your asshole.
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    Fuck off Go write your stupid shit in the sex confessions before we start talking about yeast infections and bad periods
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    I want to hear about bad periods. I want to hear about men licking your pussy while you are on your period.
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    I can't believe you don't want your body licked all over and have your asshole licked. You may lick my body including my asshole. I am not hard to get along with.
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    what attention?
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    I would like to suck his balls while I jack him off.
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    the point of being a lesbian that you like WOMEN ONLY kinda like this confession board.....
  • 9 go, girl.

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