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    Posted by Anonymous

    My girlfriend and I were talking about spicing up our sex life. We talked about sex fantasies but agreed to not tell each other what they were. She told me I could do anything with her as long as I din't tell her in advance, what was going to happed. She said not knowing what was going to happed, would be kinkier and get her more aroused. She gave me the green light to play out my fantasies, so a couple of days after I stripped her naked and spread her out on the bed with her arms and leggs wide open. She got horny as hell waiting what I was going to do to her. I could see how wet her pussy was becoming and walked out of the bedroom to make a phone call. I had a friend of mind that I knew she had a secret crush on, and convinced him to come over and fuck my girlfriend while I watched. I went in the bedroom and took all my clothes off and sat near the bed. My friend arrived and she told me to close the door, but instead I asked him to come in. He was fully dressed and walked around the bed looking at her naked body. The awareness of being helplessly naked in front of him, made her face flush with delicious embarrassement and began breathing harder and harder. Just thinking what was going threw her mind, made me almost cum with out even tuching myself. She had her eyes closed as my friend slid his finger up the crack of her wet pussy and then put his finger in his mouth. That made her jump with delight. He took off his clothes and climbed on top of her as he's dick easily slid deep inside her. She began getting near orgasm as he pumped away at her while pinching her hard nipples. He pulled out before cumming and climbed onto her face as she opened her mouth to recieve his wet cock. I wanted her to feel her body being ravished in sex, so I began sucking her pussy while my friend fucked her mouth. She finally began to shake with the plesure of her orgasm, as she felt the flow of sperm dripping out from the corners of her mouth. My friend got dressed and left without saying a word. I looked down at her still recovering from her orgasm. Her naked body shinning with the joices of sex, made me throw myself on top of her and began fucking her pussy with unrelenting thrusts. She screammed through her second orgasm, seconds before I exploded inside her. Well ofcourse this story is fictional, but I have such and erotic mind that makes me masturbate to fantastic orgasms and hope that it turned on people that read it. I wonder how many women would like to have and experience such as this one? What do women think would happed, if I actually did that to my real girlfriend?

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    Thak the Lord someone finally admits a story is fake! Pretty good story, though.
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    There is no Lord, thank you very much.
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    Whether there is a Lord or not has nothing to do with the nature of my original reply, or the original post, for that matter. Besides, I was using a figure of speech, not making an argument for the existence of God...Thank you very much.
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    Thank you.
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    How pathetic that someone had to throw their believe or lack of on a confession site. Go preach your believes at your athiest club meetings...and shut up...we have freedom for our own beliefs as well as you and you dont see us preaching about what ever our religion is. nice story i got a little wet and just got fucked myself about an hour husband cums in me and I could feel it leak out a little reading it even though i cleaned up the best i could.
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    Go fuck yourself. There is no God, Lord, Holy Ghost etc., etc. Then people shouldn't say, "Thank God." When things are going good, people say,"Thank God", and when things are not going good, they don't say, "Fuck you God."
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    That is belief, not believe you ass sucking human being.
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    You must be the same fucking twat that comments everyones grammar and spelling errors. I am not on here telling anyone how to live their lives and you shouldn't either. Just because you do not have any morals or faith in anything does not mean that you should go through life as a fucking prick! I am not the most religious person but refuse to go on forcing people to believe what I do or give them a disrespectful, rude, pointless comment. Also, I have said before this is not English 101. Some people like myself type very fast and read the comments I've posted very fast. I don't have the time or patience to proof read everything I read online. You must be one lonely sucker. So the next time you tell someone to fuck off, maybe you should go fuck yourself first!
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    Oh Jesus H Tap Dancing Christ will you shut your fucking mouth about the God thing already. This is not a religious site. You sit here talking about the holy jumpers pushing their beliefs and you are doing the same damn thing. What does that make you? A fucking piece of shit hipocrite! SHUT THE FUCK UP already!!!!!!!
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    hey you! i think i want to be your girlfriend!

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