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    Posted by Anonymous

    I know this is women only but I need a woman's opinion.
    Do any women mind or like performing for thier men? I like many men want my wife/gf to flash or dress provocotively so I can watch other guys stare at her. Maybe even take it a step further at some point. But my wife isn't very willing to show off. One time, when we were younger, at a lake when we were camping I got her to sun bath topless in our boat convincing her no one was close enough to see her. I knew if the hikers in the hills near by had binoculars they could see everything and got me excited but I never let her know it.

    Any women enjoy this lifestyle or is it just a guys fancy?

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    When in the car with my wife, I'll sometimes slide my hand up her thigh, pulling up her skirt or dress. She often complains that guys driving pickups or semis will be able to look into the car and see her dress hiked up, but I assure her that's riddiculous. Actually, I know they probably can - I just want as many people as possible to know that my wife and I have a fun sex life.
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    I sometimes masurbate in the car when my boyfriend is driving.The thought of being seen is a real turn on,and I usualy cum quite quickly.
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    Thanks! anymore? I am really looking for female responces.
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    "I just want as many people as possible to know that my wife and I have a fun sex life"

    God....... how boring.

    You're fooling no-one; what are you having some kind of midlife-crisis?
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    4366 here again. One summer after leaving a carwash put on by scantily dressed ladies at a local strip club, my wife was so hot and sexed up over them that I suggested that she just masturbate in the car as I drove. Unfortunately, she chickened out till we got home. Only inside our bedroom did she hump her pillow like crazy!
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    Before my husband and I were married and he still lived with roommates we went driving around looking for a place to fuck. I remembered this construction site down a pretty empty road near his work. It was just a shell of a building. There was stacks of lumber by the side. We parked the car, got out and walked over to the new building. I grabbed him and started making out. I could feel his dick getting hard through his jeans. We went over to the stack of wood and I let him pull my pants down while I bent over. He fucked me doggy style until he came. When we got back in the car he played with my clit while he drove home. The best part was the feeling that maybe someone could see what was going on inside the car. It was dark out so I doubt it. There were plenty of other times too...
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    "Any women enjoy this lifestyle or is it just a guys fancy?"

    I'm a woman, and on behalf of most ladies, I don't think about it. However, if a guy was honest, and told me straight up that he wanted me to dress revealingly to make other guys jealous, I would be turned on and I'd definitely do it!
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    I enjoy the thought of being watched. I am with a girl..but on the way home, i will start to finger myself and she makes me make eye contact with anyone looking. Watching them watch me f-myself crazy is a little intimidating but i love the feeling of being caught! it is such a rush and if they can actually see my fingers inside me.. it is even better.

    We have experienced sex in many odd places and my thing is to get caught.. hers is not to... it is kind of fun and exciting!

    Do not feel alone, i work in a mostly male job and many of the guys have the same fantasies! and complaints!

    Good luck with the peeping tom crusiades.
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    Nothing thrills me more than having other guys see me in my underwear. Long ago, my husband and I were on a remote hiking trail at Natural Bridge in Kentucky. Nobody was anywhere around and we started feeling each other and stripping each other. I ended up bent over with my underwear around my ankles getting the meat poured to me. I told my husband afterwards that I would have died if someone came by the trail while I was getting drilled. He said he would have cum on the spot if we got caught.

    Ever since then, I've gotten really excited about the thought of my husband getting excited when other guys see me in my underwear. I've been caught in my underwear by other guys dozens of times and my husband cums in his pants when another guys see me in my underwear.

    I love being seen just in my underwear just as much as my husband loves me being seen. Anyone want to see me in my underwear? My husband has taken some pictures and I'll gladly e-mail them to you. I have pictures of me in white and in pick underwear. I have on my bra with my pink underwear and nothing by my white underwear (sorry rear view only). Take your pick.
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    I'm glad to know that it's not only me, that gets turned on by being watched. I'm not married or have a boyfriend at this time, but have some teenage boys next door to me that watch me every night from their foof. I act like I don't know what their up to and leave my curtains half drawn and lights on so they can see me. If they din't enjoyed it, they wouldn't be up there every night peaking at me. I started out by walking around in my bra and panties so they could watch. Knowing they are probably yerking off looking at me, makes my blood rush. All I can think about, is building up enough courage to let them see me naked. I'm so tired of having my pussy soak in wet and latter fingering myself off with the lights turned off, that I just can't wait to show it all to them. The last few nights I opened my curtains all the way and slowly took off all my clothes off. I walked around my bedroom completly naked and getting hornier by the minute. My niples got hard and and were stick out and my pussy was dripping wet knowing they were watching my every move. I got so hot I could stand it any longer and gave in to my lust by sitting on the edge of my bed to ply with myself in front of them. It was like having long distance sex with them. I just spread my legs and let them watch how I masturbated myself. It was such a mind blowing experience and it felt so good, there was no stopping myself from going all the way. I just rubbed my fingers up and down my soaked pussy and had such an intense orgasm, I actually so stars. Now that I've read some confession on this site, I don't feel like such a slut knowing that other women have the same exhibitionistic desires and have really enjoyed similar experiences by exposing themselves to strangers. I know now how it feels and I just love doing it.

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