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    Posted by Anonymous

    I know this is the women's forum, and I'm not a woman, but this is a question FOR women only.

    What do women think when they see a man buying pantyhose?

    I wear women's underwear almost exclusively, and I like wearing pantyhose too. I buy them pretty openly, and usually never get any attention whatsoever. Today though I was shopping at Target (for other things) and I thought I'd grab a new pair of nylons. I picked up a new Hanes style I'd never tried. I took it up to checkout with my other items. The cashier immediately picked up the hose and, very loudly, said "I don't think these are your color!"

    I didn't know what to say. I've gotten so used to buying women's clothes without anyone saying anything. Then she held them up and called over to someone at the customer service desk and said "Do you think these are his color?"

    That meant that everyone in the checkout area could hear and see it. It was kind of embarrassing, but it got me thinking: were they laughing because they figured I was buying the pantyhose for myself? Or did they assume I was buying them for a wife/girlfriend and were just teasing me?

    If you did assume a guy was buying them for himself, what would you think of that? Would it seem funny? Sad? I'd love to hear some female perspective on this, because I really can't ask any of the women I know.

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    What do women think of a man buying pantyhose?

    Honestly? Not much. At least not me.

    I doubt the cashier actually assumed they were for you, she was probably just breaking up a monotonous day with some chit-chat.

    Even if she did somehow "know" that you were buying them for yourself, I don't think she would have really cared all that much. She's just doing her job. I seriously doubt whether she spent any time wondering who you were buying your pantyhose for.

    However, if you don't mind me asking you a question, why exactly are you wearing pantyhose in the first place?

    I understand you wear panties, yada yada yada, but pantyhose are in no way comfortable, and they really just serve a purpose. They bring together an outfit, which might not look as good with bare legs. Are you wearing skirts with your hose? If you aren't I have to say, I really have no idea why you would want to wear them.
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    Actually they have another purpose; and that's to keep things down there warm, and unlike you, I happen to think they are comfortible.
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    Why do I wear pantyhose? I have to say, I agree with the other poster who said they are comfortable. I like the way they feel. I know women complain about them, I've been hearing that for as long as I can remember, and I really don't get it. There are a couple of reasons why I like them. One, the fit and the feel is something no men's clothing comes close to. The silky sensation all over your legs is wonderful. Two, I have to admit, I like wearing pantyhose because I'm not supposed to like them, because men aren't supposed to wear them. I like wearing women's clothes. That's just me.

    As for the other question, do I wear skirts or not, the answer it "yes" I do wear skirts, but just at home. I don't make a very convincing woman, so I don't go out in public dressed up. I do wear pantyhose under my pants a lot of the time though, and it isn't for fashion, like I said before, I just like the way they feel, and I like the way they make me feel.
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    to the women who may read this -- do you prefer to wear underwear or not with hose?
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    I also enjoy wearing pantyhose with or without a skirt. I never had anyone say anything in store when I buy women's clothes. And i will admit I fully dress nylons heels blouses the whole bit. In fact most of women who help me are quite helpful and polite

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