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    Posted by Anonymous

    I want my boyfriend to invite some of his friends over to our apartment, so they can all fuck me in front of him. I want to feel being stripped naked against my will and have them force me to do anything they want while my boyfriend watches. I want every one of my holes fucked over and over again, till I'm dripping and covered in their sperm. I don't dare sugest that to him, so I think I'm going to do it to him with some of my girlfriends. Maybe then he will take revenge on me, and have me raped by his friends. It's always been one of my hot fantasies that gets me so aroused. Am I crasy, or other women have the same fantasy I do? I'm not talking of getting your face slapped and end up with bruses all over. More like a consentual rape were you put up a struggle just for show. I like role playing and rough sex and feeling some trangers ripping off your clothes and having total control over you, it's the best turn on for me. Do other women have similar sexual wishes?

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    ive done it, its a great feeling but ppl who have been raped are not so keen on it
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    wow i like that thought
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    I,m always thinking of it too, and my boyfriend's friends are his age not mine and i think i would suggest it to him...
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    my boyfriend would be a complete asshole about it. he would beat the shit out of me and have all the losers he could find rape me for real.

    when we first hooked up a year ago, this fucking fine ass firefighter came over to a party i had. my guy got all jealous and when the firefighter made a comment about them both giving me lovin', my guy snapped. firefighter split. i fucked him a couple of days later. and keep in touch hoping he will be the one to suggest multiple partners. sometimes i imagine situations where he will find me fucking someone else. he will call me a whore and spit on me.

    he fucks other chicks all the time. japanese tourist types. fuck him.

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