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    Posted by Anonymous

    If a guy or a girl wanted to lick your pussy, how can you be certain that your pussy smells good. Does a pussy have a natural good smell or do you have to doctor it up with something like FDS?

    #8755 — Comments (10) — Oct 29, 2007 at 11:36 AM — That's Juicy! (2) Remove It.
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    Vegaterians do taste better,but doesn't really matter. Just try to be clean.That natural female scent is something that us carpet munching connoisseurs really crave, so don't get rid of it all........
  • 2
    you can tell if its not healy if it smells like fish
  • 3
    That is not depends on what time of a womans cycle it is. Ask a obgyn...while you don't want to smell like 2 day old scrod, the doctors usually do not want a woman to use anything up there to doctor it up. So basically, different woman smell and taste different at different times of the month.
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    A girl whose pussy I used to lick tasted horrible! But my husband, who loves the taste of pussy, can't lick enough of mine.
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    yah , don't get rid of the smell. It turns me on even more.
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    So what's your point? Sounds to me like you have to taste your own and then report back here. Maybe her's was just like old fish, or maybe you just don't like pussy.
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    Just clean that thing as you take your shower...don't mess with it other than that. I like a clean pussy when I am going down...a pre-sex shower is usually enough!
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    Your right, a shower should be enough...a smelly twat could mean the girl doesn't wash or has an std.
  • 9
    I actually would like to lick a girl's ass cheeks and asshole.
  • 10
    id slap her with my dick for not keeping it clean

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