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    Posted by Anonymous

    in many ways i feel discusted at myself but i cant help it
    i love giving head to my boyfreind i love the taste of him. i just want to suck him constanly so much in fact that he has gotten board of it what should i do he is getting bored of it but i just cant stop it

    #8756 — Comments (9) — Oct 29, 2007 at 3:37 PM — That's Juicy! (2) Remove It.
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    Well baby, you can suck my dick 24/7.
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    im not the cheating sort its just i have this weird fetish
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    Add some more variety to your love making, so that your cock sucking won't get old, no matter how much you do it.
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    i dont get bored of it i just think myself sick but i still want it
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    You said, he is getting bored of it" of it twice. Seems you have a problem with doing the same thing too much. How about like the other said, Variety!!. Have you tried sucking on it while it was peeing?
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    eee i would never drink his piss
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    A man who is bored with having his cock sucked is tired of life.
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    Have another girl hold it whilst you more bordom.
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    suck me instead

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