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    Posted by Anonymous

    I've read a lot of other women here are having similar issues. I have never been able to ograsm during sex, from vaginal or clitoral stimulation. The ONLY way I can orgasm is with a vibrator or the jet in a hot tub directly on my clit. I cannot orgasm with any ammount of rubbing or anything else. I feel bad for my partners, but thats the way it has ALWAYS been for me. It is a wonderful experience for me when my partner will let me use my vibrator when we are having sex. I feel bad sometimes, like I am telling the other person "Sorry, you're not good enough". But thats not true! So dont feel bad, just talk to your signifigant other and be truthful, you will both be happier!

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    Before I have sex with my husband, I hump my pillow in front of him till I cum. I orgasm just fine with him then. You mentioned how you masturbate with a vibrator sometimes while with a partner. Masturbating first helps me to cum with sex, maybe it can do the same for you.
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    You women must look like retards humping a pillow.
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    My husband certainly doesn't think so! I got a kid and countless delicious fucks out of humping pillows in front of my husband.
    And no, it was my husband who got me pregnant, not my pillow, asshole!
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    I didn't say you got pregnant from humping your pillow.
    I just said women must look retarded humping pillows.

    May I lick your asshole?
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    Have you ever seen a chick humping her pillow - or stuffed animal - or bunched up blanket? It looks FUCKING HOT my friend.
    But the idea of licking someone's ass hole sickens me.
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    Ever try licking asshole?
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    My friend told me she did it once and got a really bad infection in her mouth. Poop and the poop canal are loaded with bad bacteria. Rememeber why they always say to wipe front to back after a pee? Do it the other way and good chance for bacteria to go up your short little urethra and infect the bladder and even kidneys.
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    Stuffed animal?
    Wow, I never even THOUGHT of THAT!

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