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    Posted by Anonymous

    One of my earliest sexual experiences was having an orgasm while pressing myself against a washing machine while it was spinning. I read somewhere that quite a few girls have their first orgasm this way.
    One evening last week I remembered this while in the middle of one of my regular knicker wetting sessions. I was already wet between my legs and on the point of losing control completely so, on a sudden whim I turned on my washing machine and switched it to fast spin. Then I hitched up my PVC skirt and gripped one corner of the throbbing monster between my thighs. Almost immediately I began to wet my knickers and black tights and I had an amazing orgasm as my warm pee cascaded down my legs and made a large puddle on the kitchen floor. The vibrating of the machine against my fanny seemed to keep the stream flowing for ever. Even when there was no more pee left I continued to grip the machine tightly against my soaking wet knickers until the cycle ended and the delicious vibrating stopped.

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    And now you are in debt with the electric company.

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