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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have this guy friend that I've known for over a decade now. Our friendship didn't really blossom until me and his friend broke up. After that we spent lots of time together. He is a total gentleman. After a while he never let me pay for any of my food when we went out to eat, He always drove me everywhere and he would pick me up to hear him perform on the sax. He'd come to my house and I'd fix him dinner and he hung out with me and my family alot. I entertained the thought of liking him, but he was talking to someone else. and I didn't think I was his type. So I met someone else, Got married and now I have 2 kids and 3 years into my marriage I find myself wishing I could dismiss these thoughts about loving this other guy who is my best guy friend. We still talk regularly but since the marriage I've moved out of the area. But with this relocation it seems that it has awakened the feelings I had inside that I dismissed from before I got married. I thought they weren't there and I could get over them. Not to mention my husband is a total asshole to me at times. I'm a very mildmanner female lives life by respectable principles when dealing with other people. But my husband is an asshole when he gets mad and I don't deserve the treatment he gives me. I'm not an angel but in all honesty I'm one of the nicest people you could meet. My husband has done things in our little bitty 3 yrs of marriage that reduced the quality of respect I have for our marriage and him as a person. Well this other guy, he is just the opposite and I find myself wishing I were with him instead, and beating myself up because I never gave it try before I got married.

    AHH!! now I feel better...

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    You only live once.
    However, your actions have huge consequences.
    I feel for your situation, and hope that whatever decision you make, you can find the happiness you deserve.

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