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    Posted by Anonymous

    i was at target jsut the other day(im only 13). my mother asked me to go in and buy her some stuff and she was going to drop my sister off sumwer. well while i was in ther i peered down at the list i saw tampons. i walked into the isle and this really hot guy from my school saw me in there. embarrassed i walked away. then i saw one of my friends so i ran in the next isle and threw the tampons into a bin. i didnt kno wat isle it was until i walked out. it was the condom isle! he mother was with her, her older sister too. i was so0o0o0o0o afraid! but i just said hi and walked away. later on we met up agen in the candy isle. she asked what i was doing and i told her the hole story. she was like o well at leqast u didnt see wat was in my cart.....

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    Hey congradulations. You should win the double door prize for both the stupidest and the most porely written story. Just how old are you, my guess is about 11.
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    Learn to spell you stupid little cunt!.
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    @#1. What total arrogance; your English is appalling and spelling even worse!
    @â¬2. Great response-straight to the point and in as few words as possible, too. :)

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