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    Posted by Anonymous

    Me and one of my guy friends have been friends for 1 year now. Over time we have gotten to know eachother really well. He is one of the greatest people. I have a huge crush on him and it seems like more then that. When ever i see or think of him my stomach jumps and i freak out. I want to tell him I like him but I dont think he'd like me back what should i do!

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    Well you need to creat a "setup." For example, take a walk by an out of the way lake one hot day and decide to take a quick dip. If seeing you all wet doesn't peak his interest then you can egg him into jumping in too. Probably you should of first left most or all of your clothing on the shore and then after getting wet insist he do the same. From there nature should take its course; if not; get over it and move on. Friends first is a GREAT thing but sometimes it remains at just that.
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    yea im only 17 so . . . .

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