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    Posted by Anonymous

    does size matter? and where do you draw the line between average and small? Sorry, just a self-conscious guy whose kinda parenoid.

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    Ive come in contact with 4 dicks and I cannot tell a difference between a single one of them. As long as the guy knows what to do with it, it's great sex, no matter how big or small he may be.
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    ok, thanks. Its just really confusing to me because i am constantly hearing both ends. I guess it really just depends on the woman but still, i worry.
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    babe even if size matters for a woman, a big dick in her can be not so big in another woman. just put it out of your mind...or think about it this way, does boob size matter? does it TRULY matter for pleasure and not just to look at?
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    That's another good question. Does boob size matter?.. like what do most guys like?
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    I had sex with this one guy who I was told was small and he felt a little small but he was the best I've been with. Then later I gave him head and he seemed even bigger than I first thought. Size doesn't matter at all to me.

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