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    Posted by Anonymous

    I can get aroused watching a guy mastubate and orgasm.
    Yet most of my friends ( who even talk about that)say they only do it to keep boyfriend or partner happy and dont enjoy watching.
    I often find my self alone fantasising and mastubating about some guy i may have checked out that day. Again, most girlfriends tell me they dont mastubate and the 2 girlfriends that have admitted that have say they only do it to keep partner happy.
    Frankly i enjoy a guy watching me mastubate ( it arouses me more) and if he is aroused and mastubateing it doesnt take melong to get in the mood with him.

    So many girl and womans magazines and even so called sex consultants send mixed messages .I dont know what to think.
    Please girls tell me your thoughts and truth you are the same as me and i am at least a bit normal.

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    19 of every 20 Females and males masturbate, so it's likely that your girlfriends are lying when they say that they do not. I am 28 years old and have masturbated from the age of around 12. Whilst I do not complain about the sex with my various partners, I find that I can only achieve multiple orgasms by masturbation. I hope that this helps you.
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    "I find that I can only achieve multiple orgasms by masturbation."

    If that's true; you haven't yet found the right partner.
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    They are lying. I'm a guy and I've found over the years that EVERY girl I've been with loved to watch. I believe it's simply one sex taking interest and learning about the other. Viva la difference. And yes; I love watching too.
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    they are lying to you! I'm a girl and I love to watch men masturbate! I fantasize about them doing it all the time everywhere they are! The hottest thing to me is when a guy is sooo turned on by me or another girl that they just cant help but masturbate right then and there, even if its in public. omg! I'm getting hot just thinking about it! You are not alone girl! Your girlfriends are just liars and too scared to admit their true feelings!
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    I'm the same as you! I'm sure your friends are lying

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