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    Posted by Anonymous

    My family rented a beach house in North Carolina near the section where you can drive 4 wheel drive vehicles for a 10 mile stretch. This let's people get away from the crowds. We went with my parents, aunt and uncle and cousins in 2 Jeeps. After a while half the family went home. When the rest of us loaded our Jeep up with coolers and stuff we ran out of seats.

    My aunt was left outside.but she just said she could sit on my lap if I didn't mind cause its only a ten minute ride.

    Well, she is like 35 and I was 17. Even though she is older she has a really nice body cause she euns and does weights a lot. I had checked her out all afternoon in her bikini. She is like 5'4", probably 120 and I'd guess at least c cups with light brown hair and blue eyes. She hopped onto my lap in the back seat. My sister was there too but we coolers, towels and umbrellas stacked between us.

    So right when aunt rebecca hoppes onto my lap and wiggled a bit to get comfortable, I started to get hard. A little at first, but when we started to drive in the bumpy sand her butt was bouncing up and down and rubbing me. I got really hard fast. Plus, sitting on my lap her tits were inches from my face and sometimes rubbed against my arm and neck. I was really embarrassed cause I figured she must feel my hard cock pressing against her ass in her bikini. At one point we got jostled enough that her bikini bottom sort of got slid down a few inches in the back and I could see down the crack of her ass and then my cock starts throbbing. She reached back to get stable and her hand landed right on the shaft of my cock but on top of my trunks. I started coming and could not help it. I am sure she must have felt the twitching and throbbing but she never said anything then or later. When we got out I grabbed a towel to hide my wet spot.

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    Oh, I bet she knew what she was doing and what happened. I have sat on my my BFs lap and felt him get hard, even when we'r eboth wearing jeans, so in swimsuits she knew. You could probbaly take this a step further with her if you wanted...
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    Any time I sit on my husband's lap I can feel him get hard. In swimsuits....she dedinitely felt it. I think she purposely got you off. Aunt cougar...
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    I'm a guy and when I sit on the old neighbor guys lap I can feel him get hard, so I wiggle around just to tease him.
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    hah! I sat on my boy cousins lap when I was 16 and he was about 15 in car and I definitely felt his cock grow and get hard against me. I admit it was kind of exciting at the time and I sort of discreetly grinded a little extra agaisnt him. I'm 19 now and nothing ever came of it, but whenever we're together I sometimes think about the time his cock was rubbing against my privates.
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    I was once on a motorboat with my family and some of my sister's friends. It got choppy and we all had to squeeze into the few seats for about ten minutes unitl we got to smoother water. Well, my sister's friend had to sit on my lap for part and she gave me a total hard on. She was about 16 and in a bikini and I was 15. I know she felt it because at one point she just looke dme in the face a gave me a wicked smile. Her ass was just rubbing me up and down and pounding on my cock. I was totally hard and emabarrassed cause there was no place for me to go.
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    oh guys are easy to get hard and tease! Hah! I'm in my 32 now and I bet I have sat on 15 guys' laps over the years in cars, boats, jet skis, and scooters. All you have to do is get your ass anywhere near their cock and move a round a bit and you feel it get hard. I love knowing this and its so much fun to "work it a bit" and know he is dying to release himself.

    Though, I never got a guy to actually come while on his lap like this lady!
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    I wanna do that to my nephew! Hot!
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    as if her landing her hand in your lap made you cum. bad times for you man
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    full of crap dude\not possible to cum that easy unless ur a freak with premature issues then ud had spat 10 lil loads riting this SHIT
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    I think I was around 4 or 5 when I had my first experience sitting on uncle Henry's lap. Sometimes when we were alone he would make me turn around and ride horse on him. I remember feeling his hard-on, specially when he was lying on his back on the carpet and there was only my pantie and his undies between us. I think I made him cum many a time.

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