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    Posted by Anonymous

    I have a really big crush on one of my old friends. I never thought he was hot, until later on in the school year. I started to realize how fucking sexy he was.

    He has such a cute face, but it can be really really sexy too. He can go from cute boy to tough guy in a second. His face is so cute! Just want to hug it and squeeze it.

    His body is just mouth watering. I love a boy with a butt, and oh boy does he have a booty! Its so big, round, and juicy. I'd love to grab his cheeks. No that isn't enough, I want to spank them so hard. Spank 'em until their red and throbbing. That's my biggest fantasy.

    I also want to jerk him off. I figured his dick must be big, so it should be fun to play with. But I really just want him to breath harder, and harder and let out a great moan when he finally comes.

    His has really nice big lips, and I have a feeling they'd feel so good on my cock. I'd really love for him to suck me off. He needs to be punished for looking so fine. Me coming in his mouth should be good enough. He should have to swallow too.

    I even given it some thought, and I think I could even suck him off. I never wanted to do such a thing, but I think I would for him. I'd love to make him happy, and I would fuck his dick up. Besides the thought of him moaning in pleasure as his cum serges in my mouth just gets me excited.

    I know this is sick, but I even wanted him to pee on me. I've never engaged in such a vulgur activity, but I would for him. I could just see him looking down to me, grinning, as his thick dark cock sprays me down.

    But most of all I just want that ass of his. I want to spank it. I want to bite it. I want to kiss it all over. I want those giant delicious buns! I want him, I want him, I want him! I have never seen a man with something as big, and delicious! I want it with a side of whip cream!

    I find myself too crazy for him. I save most of his pictures, all of which I masturbate too. Just thinking about him makes me dick hard. Looking at his pictures makes my dick wet with precum. I only added him on myspace so I can have pictures of him. Truth is, I'm not even his friend anymore. I just stick around so I can look at him.

    Recently he's joined a site where you can send him questions at random, without telling him your name. I've sent a bunch of flithy ones, mostly complimenting his yummy ass. I'm glad he knows someone appreciates that amazing thing he carries around.

    Please come to me. I want you, I need you. I love you Gabriel.

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