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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    Back in high school I had a crush on a guy in my class.

    I sat across from him a few rows away, and would always look over at him. I played it off as trying to see the clock.

    I found him on myspace and checked his page weekly. I saved pictures of him all the time. I bought a yearbook so I could have a picture of him. I pleasured myself to his picture through out my high school years. Afterwords I would sometimes apologize after I came. I felt really disgusted with myself.

    I didn't tell anybody about it. I acted like I didn't know the guy. One day he caught me looking at his ass. After that he seemed to grow suspicious of me. Nothing big came from it. I never got hassled and he never confronted me.

    After school ended I forgot about him. I didn't see him anymore, and I got rid of myspace.

    Fast foward to today, I decide to look him up again. He's aged wonderfully. He was always fit, but now his body is rock hard. He let his facial hair grow out, so he looks more masculine. Even after all these years I still have some sort of attraction to him.

    I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable in class. I knew I could never be with you, or get close. But seeing your face always made me happy.

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