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    Posted by Anonymous

    When I was a teenager in high school, I wasn't popular at all. I was a bit of a book nerd. I wasn't very social. I wasn't really shy, but I could never find the right words.

    Coming from a fundamental religious family in Utah, I was expected to dress modestly. When I grew older into my teens, I was still expected to wear dresses and skirts, but the rules relaxed enough to allow my skirts to be knee length. You have to understand, just that simple adjustment in skirt length was extrememly liberating.

    Just before the end of the school terms first quarter, my Physics teacher felt that I wasn't working to my full potential and had me wait after class to talk about it. I sat at my desk in the second row while he sat at the front, behind his desk, giving me the routine "You can do better" speach.

    I rarely make eye contact when I talk to someone. Part of my social ineptness, I suppose. While he was talking, I glanced up, saw he was looking at my legs and averted my eyes. I saw him looking a few more times and thought, surely he was looking at something else. I never found myself to be attractive, so I had to be mistaken. I left that afternoon confused and with even more self doubt.

    Over the next few weeks, I would occasionally catch him looking at my legs. The first half of his class was lecture. He would go on and on about theory. It rode a fine line between interesting and boring. The second half of his class was book work and study time. The class would quietly read and work while he sat before us at his desk doing whatever teachers do up there.

    It was during that study time that I would catch him looking at me most often. His desk was at the front middle, facing the class. My desk was just off to the side, second row giving him an unobstructed view of me. I never worried about anyone else seeing me since they all faced forward. If the person in front were to turn around, I could quickly correct myself.

    My teacher would turn slightly to the side, hold up a book and pretend to read it, but I could see the angle of his gaze was actually over the book and down at my legs. My whole life I was raised to present modesty and to not tempt others. Tempting him wasn't my intention, but if he was tempted it made me feel pretty and grown up and I wanted him to look.

    As the year went on, I would catch him looking, but would always maintain my modesty by never letting him see anything, but what can be seen below my knees. Occasionally, I would forget myself, put my feet up on the desk ahead of me, allowing the bottom of my dress to fall open. I would catch him looking and put my feet down firmly on the floor. I think we were both embarrassed by that.

    I never thought he could see much of me when I sat like that until I set up an experiment in my room. I sat in a chair and positioned a full length mirror across from me. When I put my feet up in about the same position as I would in class, I could clearly see the tops of my legs and panties. Rather than being embarrassed, it excited me to know I was exposing myself to him.

    As the year went on, I began to think of it as a game. I would unknowingly expose my panties to him, but as the year progressed, I would show him my panties intentionally. From his viewpoint, it would always appear accidental, but I'm sure we both knew the game we were playing.

    After school, I would sit in my room with the mirror and relive the scene. I found that if I pulled my panties up tight and positioned them just right, they would pull into my pussy. My reflection in the mirror showed my pussy clearly outlined.

    I became braver throughout the year keeping my feet up longer. Before class, I would go to the restroom and pull my panties up tight, letting him get a good look at my covered pussy.

    I wish I had a thong to show him, but I wasn't allowed to wear them. I wanted him to look. I wanted him to see more of me. Just before the end of the school year I again went to the restroom to prepare for our game, but I knew I had a long summer ahead of us. I again pulled my panties up tight, but this time I pulled them over a bit. I lifted my skirt and looked down at myself. With my panties positioned like that, they were splitting my pussy.

    I stayed in the restroom until the bell rang debating whether or not I could really expose so much of myself. I was late to class, but in that few extra moments I found the courage to go through with it.

    For the first half of the class I was too scared to show anything more than I already have. The first time I did expose myself that day was completely unintentional. Since it was the last day of school, he let us do what we wanted. I was reading a magazine and hadn't even noticed that my feet were already up on the desk before me. I only noticed when I caught his eyes on me.

    My first reaction was to hide myself and put my feet on the floor, but I froze. At that time, not because I wanted him to see, but because I was too afraid to move. My heart was beating so fast knowing that so much of me can be seen by him.

    Soon, my fear turned to excitement. His looking at me made me feel sexy and I convinced myself that I should thank him for it. I held my knees together, but moved my feet apart. I glanced up at him and saw I had his attention. I let him look at me like that for a few more minutes, then scoot myself forward in my seat. I could feel my panties pulling tighter into my pussy.

    I did my best to avoid eye contact with him, but when I did look up I saw him biting his lip. I felt so appreciated and sexy by that simple act. About ten minutes before class ended, I began to rock my knee back and forth giving him quick flashes of my nearly uncovered pussy.

    As I grew braver, my knee would swing wider before closing again. I could feel the cool air on my inner pussy and realized that when my leg swung open, my panties would pull half of my pussy to the side with it. With my pussy opening up for him like that, I'm sure he was able to see how shiny my pussy was with wetness.

    Just before the closing bell, he got up to give us his "Thanks for a good year" good-byes. He sat on the edge of his desk talking. I scoot forward in my seat so far, my lower half was practically laying down with my feet up. The whole while I stopped rocking my leg and left them open for him to see. My panties were pulling into me so tight, they held my pussy open.

    He tried to address the whole class, but kept looking down at my pussy. When the bell rang, I practically ran out of there.

    From then on, I've become somewhat of an exhibitionist. I'm married now and have always been faithful, but I can't fight the impulse to discreetly expose myself to strange men.

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    Fascinating - and beautifully written, there is a very good writer in there waiting to be 'exposed...!'

    Why don't you try keeping a diary, if you don't already. Do it on a computer and password it. Then every so often, edit it to remove every last surplus word and put it up somewhere for the world to see.
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    Your going to have to leave your knickers neat term and let him see your fanny and then my be you can watch him get a hardon
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    Did you read the story dumb dumb?! She's married now long out of high school. Good story.
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    My Science teacher used to come up behind me in class. We had those bar-tipe stools at the experiment tables and I was right at the back of the class. My butt would hang over the edge and he would pretend to be watching my experiment in progress, all the while rubbing his boner against me. I could clearly feel his rod rubbing my bum. Luckily no one else ever noticed.
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    I went to a Catholic school and we had uniforms that most guys find very sexy. I kept my skirt hemmed as short as allowed. I found that I could get my skirt to ride up really high if I positioned myself in the back of my seat then moved forward and leaned back a little. I loved to see what kind of a reaction I could get out of the male teachers, especially the priests. My favorite was this really hot priest who taught world history. Most teachers would scold girls who acted like I did and I certainly got scolded a lot. But most of the male teachers never hassled me about it. I'm guessing because I gave them free shows. In my Sophomore year I stopped wearing panties altogether. You should have seen the look on my history teacher's face that first time I opened up my legs all the way with my skirt hiked all the way up my thighs. There was always a puddle on the floor under my desk I was dripping so much from being so horny showing myself off. The best part was seeing the teachers squirm and get hard. One day after gawking at my bare pussy for about twenty minutes trying to keep his composure while talking about Charlemagne he wandered his way over to me and spent the rest of the period rubbing his erection on my bare arm while reading from the text. I so badly wanted to unzip his pants and swallow his cock. After that class he softly dragged his finger along my cheek and returned to his desk carefully sitting down so nobody could see his erection.

    The following Saturday I went to confession and waited until it was his turn to hear confessions. I got in and knelt down. It was dark but he recognized me and called me by name. I confessed to him that I masturbated every night fantasizing about sucking on his sock. I then went on to confess a whole bunch of dirty nasty thoughts about what I wanted to do to him and wanted him to do to me. I could tell he took his cock out and jerked off while I continued to confess. Afterwards when I asked what I should do for my penance and he offered me two choices. He said I should stop seducing men twice my age or as a second choice he said I could drop by the rectory for a spanking. I opted for the spanking. His tongue felt so good spanking my pussy.
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    Your teacher was probably a respectable guy until you started making him want the young stuff. Now he's one of those weird grown men that goes to girls softball games but doesn't have kids and goes home to his doll collection.
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    Skype me, Ill happily be the strange man you expose yourself to. Im also an exhibitionist, but which guy isnt I guess

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    Glad it turned out well for you. I've always appreciated a woman/girl who will flirt and expose a little 'something' in public.
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    You should at least guve a bj and then let him fuck you!
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    I am now 60 years old man but this reminds me of my high school days. I wasn't a book nerd nor an A+ average student, except in one subject. I wasn't popular but I was well liked. If fact the girls used to tell me I was the most handsome in the school. I was voted the most likely to succeed and the most handsome upon graduation. But that has nothing to do with this. This brings to your attention that I also was not a pussy chasing man. My first fuck was during my junior year. I did jerk off every chance I got. I had this beautiful Science Teacher. I sat in the back of the class. One day I kinda scooted forward in my chair to my desk. I was playing with myself and jerking off when I saw no one was looking at me. Well, my teacher kept moving slowly to the rear of the room observing every ones test papers she went. I still had my dick out and playing with it. It was really hard. My teacher walked up behind me, stopped, placed her hand on my shoulder, smiled, handed me a kleenex and then walked on. When the bell rand I was close to the last one to march out to another cjass. My teacher stopped me and asked to to come to her desk. She smiled and said, "I know what you were doing. You don't really have to do that. Come to my home after school and I'll prove it if you care to cooperate. I did so after school, giving her plenty time to get home I walked up the alley and went to her back door. She immediately invited me in. She told me to not be nervous nor bashful that her husband wouldn't be home until late. He owned his own business. She led me into her bedroom laid me down and lay beside me. She then said I could continue my act in school and had her body to help out. This was my first with a woman and I told her so. So she undressed and I mean her body was beautiful. She was probably 28 or 30 years old. I was 17 at that time. She grabbed my hard dick and began stroking it slowly. She asked how it felt. Really good but I told her, "Fine." She then took my hand and lay it on her pussy. It was wet and warm. She asked if I wanted to put it inside her. I did so she advised me to get on top to begin. She grabbed my dick again, spread the lips of her warm pussy and guided me in and then told me to push it all the was in, withdraw and continue that until I felt I was going to cum like when I jerk off. I did and I loved it. We spent about 2 hous together that first time. She sucked my dick and explained how good it felt for me to suck her pussy. I mean when I left that afternoon I was well educated on the lovemaking.
    I have learned later that her husband was cheating on her. I don't know if she knew or was just putting up with it because of the money he was bringing home.
    Anyway, we continue out affair until I fell head over hills in love with this younger girl, 4 years younger than me and we later got married. She was a virgin so now it's my time to be the teacher. It worked I guess because we are still madly in love and Gos is the on ly one that could seperate us.

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