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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    My wife cheated on me - several times. I knew she was a piece of shit, trailer trash, lying whore when I married her, but I let her convince me she wanted to rise above her genetics and upbringing.

    She made a pretty good attempt at it, most times, over the past 15 years, but, she just couldn't help but to be the disgusting, scummy, pig she has always been.

    She thinks everything is OK now - that we're past it. The truth is, I only stay out of obligation. I won't break my vows to her.

    I'll just be miserable for the rest of my life - married to a lying piece of shit.

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    Wow, sounds like you win, then, eh?
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    LOLZ!!! ALL UR BASE ALL BELONG TO .. trailer park trash.
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    Yeah, stay and be miserable for the rest of your life - that's showing her! Wuss!!!
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    Vows? If two people make a vow to each other, and one doesn't keep it, then the vow is broken, not the people involved!

    If I sell you a car that I stole from someone else, and you find out it's stolen, the DEAL is busted, not the car!
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    Stop being a fucking victim. Just enjoy the slut and become a slut with her. Big deal. Fucking is for enjoyment not judgement.

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