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    Posted by Anonymous

    I got my wife a little drunk one night and asked her to describe the "wildest" thing she had ever done sexually. She told me about when she was getting married the first time. Her girl friends took her out to celebrate two days before the wedding. None of them were of legal drinking age so one girl stole a bottle of "Jack" from her Father's cabinet and they sat in the car passing around this bottle until it was gone. Five young girls finishing a bottle straight, needless to say they were pretty shit faced. They ended up at a Fast food place just giggling and laughing and having a good time. One of her friends asked her if Ron, her future husband, was a good lover. Her response was "I guess so". They asked her, compared to her other lovers how he rated. She admitted that Ron had been her one and only. She told me her friends were in shock. They just could not believe that she had never had any other sexual experiences. She told them it was a little late now, but the alcohol started to kick in and a plan started to form.

    Linda, my wife's Maid of Honor, goes over to the "kid" working the counter and asks him if he has a break coming up. When he asks why she tells him that one of the girls at the table wants to have sex with him, but he can't know which one. He checks out our table and says that we are all "babes" and he would have no problem "doing" any of us. Linda explains that he has to play by her rules and if he does he is in for a good time. She asks him if he has a car and a condom. He says yes to both and she hands him her scarf and tells him to go sit in the passenger seat of his car. She tells him to put the condom on his dick and the scarf over his eyes and he ready for a "good time."

    Now she comes back to the table and tells my wife of her plan. Even in my wife's drunken condition she tells Linda that she is crazy, that this will never work. The other girls are all over my wife asking if she wants to live the rest of her life having only "experienced" one man? They all swear a vow of secrecy, that no one will ever know, even the kid will be blind folded and never know which girl he had sex with.

    As stupid as it sounded the next thing my wife remembered was standing next to the car window, looking in at this teenage boy with his pants down to his ankles, a condom on his erection, and a scarf over his eyes. She told me she hiked up her skirt and removed her panties and climbed on to the front seat facing him. She put his hand between her legs and told him to "finger" her until she was moist. She stroked his erection a few times and noticed he was bigger both in length and width than her boyfriend Ron. She was a little concerned about making him "fit", but her juices were starting to flow and she was going to make every effort. She told me it was tight but that it felt really, really good. She said she was surprised the kid lasted as long as he did considering how excited he was and she was able to cum twice before he did. She climbed off of him, open the door and walked away, back into the restaurant and sat down with her friends. The giggling and laughter had stopped and the girls sat in silence wanting to know how it felt. Just then the kid came back from break and walked over to the table. Looked each girl in the eyes and said he had no idea who it was but that he wanted to thank who ever it was for the most exciting night of his life. He said I'm going to return the scarf but I'm going to keep the panties that he found on the floor.

    Two days later, on her Wedding night, Ron, her new Husband, took about three minutes before he came and then rolled over and went to sleep. My wife told me she just laid there thinking about her "Fast food Lover". The marriage to Ron didn't last eighteen months.

    After telling me this story we got up out of bed and went out to the car (it was in the garage, but it was still kind of kinky). I sat in the passenger seat and she crawled on top of me. I reached down to play with her pussy and she was already dripping. I had my face planted right between those 38 D's and that little five foot frame of hers was bouncing up and down like it was the end of the world. Now our sex life is usually right between Good and very good. That night it was right between Awesome and Holy shit.

    Now my problem, I can't get her to talk anymore. She thinks it's perverted. I've tried booze, grass and begging and nothing works. Now this is my plan. I'm going to post this on the web site and I hope you guys (and girls) will read it and respond in a positive manner. Please try to convince her that there is nothing wrong with her exciting stories and if it adds to the enjoyment of our sex life than this is a good thing. Now to be fair if you guys (and girls) think that I should respect her wishes and don't ask her any more questions, then I will be disappointed but will give in.

    Come on everyone, don't let me down.

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    I love this post! SO FUCKING HOT! ..I hope Linda will share more with us.
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    Linda was my wife's Maid of Honor, my wife's name is Ann. Unlike most of the posts on this site, this one REALLY happened. There was four years between her first and second marriage and she had a somewhat active sex life. If I can get her to share I'll post her adventures here.
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    Linda, please accept that your husbands wishes are completely normal.

    To him you are a sexy girl, he loves the sex he has with you, but your stories combined with his imagination, can make that sex even better.

    You get only one shot at making a relationship tick all the boxes, don't blow it with silly hang ups.

    Trust in each other and do whatever it takes to satisfy each others fantasies.

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    Dude, be thankful for the 38 D's, if your face is buried in them you can't hear her talk anyways. My wife's got 38 D's, it cost me four grand (had to sell my Bike) for those plastic titties. Now you want to hear the best part? She's fucking her boss. I wish I had my Bike back.
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    As a woman, I don't have any trouble sharing stories with my husband about what I've done in the past, because none of it was while I was with my husband, so I don't have a reason to hide it. All I can think of is that perhaps she's embarassed about talking about it, and if you continue to press her about it, she may grow even more uncomfortable when it comes to that.
    Have you tried explaining to her that you love hearing those stories? It sounds like the two of you have a good relationship, so maybe talk it over with her and make sure she understands your feelings on the matter. Also be sure to tell her that if she -really- doesn't want to tell you any more, then you won't push it. Putting pressure on her about it is the worst thing you can do.

    I hope that was at least a little helpful. Good luck!
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    "Putting pressure on her about it is the worst thing you can do."
    Boy do I know that from experience. A few years ago we went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I was "pushing" her into flashing. It was warm weather and she was wearing tops that did a very nice job of displaying her very nice Top. She did not handle the constant requests for her to flash very well. We ended up having a terrible time and a big fight. I talked her into giving it another try the next year. It was much cooler and she wore a coat and a few different sweaters. She was not "on display" as she put it and I promised not to "push" her into flashing. We had met a nice older couple at the hotel at breakfast and then met them again on Bourbon Street. We were standing there talking and all of a sudden the older gentleman excuses himself and runs over to get a picture of a young lady flashing and gives her a very nice set of beads. When he comes back my wife reaches over and grabs a set of his beads and says can I have these. He lifts up his camera, she pops out the Twins and the rest is history.
    Let me just add that we needed to buy a full suitcase to bring home her earned beads from that trip.

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    Haven't heard from you in a while. How did she earn a suitcase full of beads? Has she "talked" to you anymore?
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    I want to tell you what happened at my Wife's Christmas Party, but you have to understand a little background first.
    She met her first Husband when she was fourteen and he was eighteen. They dated for four years before they got married. Now when she was fourteen, in fact right up until the Summer she turned seventeen, she was a 32A. The Summer she turned 17 her parents rented a cabin over in Maine for ten weeks. Well she doesn't know if it was something in the water but after the summer was over she had developed to a full 36 C. The rumor went around the school that she got implants over the summer and that was why no one had seen her. Her parents were not rich and the rumors died as quickly as they started.
    Their sex life began about this time (what a surprise) and they got married the following Summer a few weeks after her 18th Birthday. Now before they were married sex was quick and not very often. She told me she didn't think she had sex more than a dozen times before she was married and that included her "fast food lover".
    After she was married sex was once a week, usually on Sunday mornings, and never lasted more than five to ten minutes. Ron's entire sex education was watching this one XXX video. He told her that something must be wrong with her because the girl in the movie made lots more noise and enjoyed it when the guy pulled out and came on her stomach.
    So now that you have some background information you can under stand where she is coming from (excuse the pun) and why she had an affair.
    The "Affair" is what I found out about at the Christmas Party.
    Is anyone interested?
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    Now this is starting to annoy me. Did she have this affair with you and she is just now telling you about it? Was there someone else besides the kid at the fast food joint? You are trying to come off as being sly but your list of Fuck Buddies is getting longer.
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    Listen, my Wife has had sex with five different guys, including the kid at the Fast Food place, and two of them she married. So I really don't think she has a "list of Fuck Buddies".
    Now at her Christmas Party I saw her talking for a while to this guy that I didn't know. When she came back over by me I asked who he was and she explained that he used to be her Boss but he got transferred to another Office. Then she laid the bomb on me by adding that she had a three month Affair with him when she was married to her first Husband. I tried to not looked surprised but I don't think it worked because I quickly asked what they were talking about. She told me he came to the Party just to see her and wanted to know if they could "get together" again. She told him she was remarried but he came back with that didn't stop her the first time. She told him that he was an "upgrade" from her first Husband but that she was not ready to "down size" back to him now that she had the second Husband. I asked my Wife to introduce me to him and it was just a quick "nice to meet you" kind of thing, but when he shook my hand he gave me that stupid grin and look that says I use to Fuck your Wife and I just grinned back at him giving him the look saying yea, I know and you weren't that good. I felt pretty good about the encounter and he left the Party right after that.
    Now I have to pump her for some information about this Affair.

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