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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 22 year old student and almost everyday, I shower with my roomate and give him incredible head. He has a beautiful cock and I get a total thrill getting on my knees and sucking every last drop out of him. It just feels wrong, naughty and amazing !!!

    We are both in relationships but I can't stop !

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    are you a guy or a girl ?
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    if it feels wrong you usually enjoy it more, it normal between friends it bond you more
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    if it feels wrong you usually enjoy it more, it normal between friends it bond you more
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    Don't stop, I wish I had someone to suck my nice cock every morning.
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    Anything that's naughty always feels good
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    If you are real friends you should if you are real friends give each other sexual comfort, it started with me when I went to the swimming with my best friend, after we had swam and were drying of I was watching some girls do exercises on the pool side they kept bending and touching there toes I could see pubic hair I got an erection I didn't want in front of my friend I didn't know how he would react,
    I felt my dick in his mouth I was shocked but it felt so good within a minute I was coming I told him but he just carried on, I burse in him he just swallowed the lot, he said kneel down I knew what I wanted to do I had never sucked a dick before, I can truly say it was the most enjoyable sexual act I have ever done,
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    I have done it many times and it docent feel wrong
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    I'm a guy and my best friend since kindergarten is a girl. We started to explore each other's bodies in grade school and were lovers in high school. We never dated anyone else while in high school. But after high school we realized that despite the fact that we loved each other we were not romantically in love with each other. It was like we were brother and sister AND best friends. But there just was no romantic chemistry and we thin it was because it was like we were siblings.

    But we never stopped having sex. After we left high school and went on to other colleges in other states we both got involved with other people. When we came home for Christmas we were so horny we jumped each other's bones and fucked like rabbits almost non stop for the entire vacation. Our parents thought we were going to get married on day and started asking about that but we were both in love with other people. But we know each other's bodies so well that both of us can achieve orgasm in minutes. I can get her to orgasm a dozen times a day and she can do the same for me. I literally came 12 times that first time we got together at Christmas. My girlfriend whom I love dearly and can't do it for me like that and my best friend's boyfriend also can't get her engine running like I can.

    The next Spring I confessed to my girlfriend that I cheated on her with my best friend. I explained to her the unique relationship that we have and I told her I was in love with her sex with my best friend was something that was difficult for me to stop and while I wanted to continue our relationship I would understand if she didn't want to. She was very understanding, more than I expected, and then she told me why. She'd been secretly seeing her best friend regularly. Her best fiend is a girl. She says I just can't quite get her to her happy place but her girlfriend can. We hugged, kissed and agreed we'd stay together and cement our love but we gave each the other permission to fuck our best friends but ONLY our best friends and we'd tell each other about each time.

    Meanwhile my best friend told her boyfriend who did not take it well. He broke up with her and so she flew out to my school for the weekend and I consoled her with a day of fucking and I was very surprised when my girlfriend wanted to join in. My best friend was weirded out a bit at first but then she felt a woman's touch for the first time and it just enhanced the whole thing. So my girlfriend and I spent the weekend sexually consoling my best friend.

    My best friend then hooked up with another guy and is now dating him but she told him ahead of time that she planned to continue having sex with me. He suggested the three of us get together for a three way to double fuck her and I reluctantly agreed to the awkward arrangement but it turned out to be a lot of fun having her on her knees sucking me while he fucked her from behind. She giggled every time he caused her to lurch forward to choke my cock all the way down and then when he pulled back she pulled back with him coming off my cock. She didn't have to do any work. She just kept her mouth open and basically he fucked my cock with her mouth. We both came in her and she told me it was the hottest thing she ever did.

    Finally that brings us up to this past Christmas where the four of us got together for an orgy and we have all agreed to do this regularly as we all had a blast.
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    Only a man knows how to give another man a blow job, its hot something a woman will understand, I have had blow jobs off both sexes and men are best, it started when I caught my dad and uncle having a 69, my dad explained it was a man thing and I should try it out on a friend of a relation, I couldn't do with my dad, so it was my uncle it was a real turn on for me when I caught them I did watch for a while before they realised.

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