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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Posted by Anonymous

    I post regularly on this relationship board where I make up stories about my spouse abuscing me. I sit back and laugh at all the ((((hugs))))) and prayers coming my way. If only they knew, he he he he

    Just an afterthought, how many others out there are doing it?????

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    I don't have that much free time, nor do I have a need for that kind of attention.

    Hey but whatever turns you on honey.
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    3 words for you "Get A Life"
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    i guess if you get off on this type of thing have at it!!!
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    People like you give the Internet a bad name!
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    Honey - it sounds like you need some sort of attention, even negative attention is better then none, right? Better to have a fake spouse that abuses you then the truth - you have no spouse at all because you are incapable of being honest with yourself, let alone everyone else...
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    You're probably the only liar here.

    A liar can't be trusted, even when she's telling the truth!
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    I used to go to a chat site and pretend to be a girly... strung them all on for the best part of a year... great fun..
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    Well you know they say be careful what you wish for. In your case be careful what you post, it might just come true. Who knows, their prayers might just keep that from really happening to you.
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    I was going to respnond by saying:

    Karma can be a good or bad thing; watch yourself...

    (((you really should "pay attention" because there is alote of truth to the much different advice being given you)))

    I really thought I would have more to say but upon reviewing all of the "other" responses to your original posting I think all that needs to be said has been said.


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