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    Posted by Anonymous

    I used to sneak in to my brothers room and look at his penis while he slept when we were younger, he was 13 and I was 15. After a while I would try and touch is but if I ever did it for more than a few seconds or with more than just one finger he started to wake up. It wasn't until maybe four months later that I started getting aroused by it and then touching myself while I looked or after I felt him. after I couldn't stand it anymore I stole some generic sleeping pills from a walmart and put two of them them in a soda I brought him after dinner. I waited until our parents went to sleep and went into his room and took his pants off and spent almost half the night there. At first I just looked at him and felt what would become his manhood for a while. Then I touched myself while on my knees holding him in my free hand. I could feel his heartbeat while I did it. I had seen once that he hid some of his underwear so he could wash it himself so that no one would know he'd gotten cum on them and at that moment I felt like I was being unfair pleasuring myself when he didn't get anything so I tried to return the favor he didn't know he was doing. I must have spent an hour and a half before both of my arms and wrists were tired. I had given him to much of the sleeping pills and he couldnt feel anything. A week later I tried again and instead of using two pills I only used one but after a few moments of him starting to react he started waking up and I barely pulled his briefs up and got out of his room in time. It took me two more tries before I got just the right amount into him. The first time I watched my brother cum it was the most amazing thing I've seen to this day. He shot out in three spurts that covered my hands and dripped onto his stomach. The stickyness of it covering my skin brought me close to losing control and even the idea of the smell of it is something that still moistens my panties to tis day. I played with it on my hands like it was an exotic cold cream or lotion until it dried up and then I cleaned him up and went to the bathroom to wash and went to my room to cum again myself. I was hooked. It became a habit that I had to force myself not to indulge in every night. After the first time though I couldn't help myself and did it four days in a row. It wasn't until my mother made a comment about his sleep schedule having him waking up unusually early for a boy his age that I realized I couldn't continue like I was. It would become apparent something was going on and it might even have an effect on him. I restricted myself to no more than three times a week and even on the nights I wasn't doing that I could still look. It went on like that for almost two months until one night when I was having trouble reaching orgasm while I was in with my brother I stopped paying attention to how close he was to his and as the first of his semen arced upward towards his belly I jerked back and the last little drop of him landed on my right cheek about half an inch from the corner of my mouth. I immediately pulled away and wiped it off with my finger which didn't actually help because he had managed to get himself on my hand as well. So almost without thinking I darted my tongue out and licked it off of my cheek. Not believing what I had done a wave of taboo desire came over me and this unbelievably naughty act had to be pressed farther. I licked my hands as clean as I could get them and then started on his stomach. And to my surprise, he reacted to me licking him there because for the first time he started to grow firm a second time. I didn't even want to think about stopping myself, I just started rubbing him and when I thought he was getting close to release I pointed him at my mouth. I knew his orgasm wouldn't be as powerful as the first so I made sure that I was close, and I would give almost anything in the world to have a picture or video of that moment. I can't even imagine how filthy I must have looked, clothes off small specks of drying cum on my cheek and hands and me panting like a dog in the hope that my brothers cock will fill my mouth with what I need. All of a sudden his member gave a quick spasm and as it did the circumcised head of my brothers penis touched the tip of my tongue and I didn't even hesitate. I rocked forward and slid him entirely into my mouth. As it went in it left traces of his seed on the roof of my mouth and I swirled my tongue around him trying to lap at it. And all of a sudden it seemed my mouth was flooded with warmth. It was an almost indescribable orgasm that washed over me to meet his. Had it been any better and I wouldn't have noticed the flex of his hand or heard the slight moan escape him. Even knowing this it took me more than a minute to pull myself together and take him out of my mouth. And another minute to collect my robe and and pull his underwear up and almost run out as I saw him blink his eyes awake. I never knew if he woke up and realized what I was happening or if he did realize it I don't know if he knew it was me. I stopped doing it after that night, not out of shame but fear of if he does know what would happen with us, with the family or even with me. That was five years ago and I'm almost finished with junior college and planning on moving out when I do. I've never had sex with any boy although I've gone down of more of them than any of my friends would ever imagine, and every time I can't help but think of how much better it was with my brother. Sometimes, not often, I look at him while he's doing yard work or working out and can't help but wonder how much he must have changed down there, how good he must look naked. And more than that I wonder what it would feel like to give myself to him, to have him fill me with his warm deliciousness and to not have to wash it away or hide it afterwards. I have some spare cash and I can just buy the sleeping pills now. And I have a few months before I leave to get the dose just right.

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    i really loved your experience. i wish i was your brother. you r such a hot girl , i wonder whats your pussy like, Pussy i just adore,love admire the word
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    fuck that was hot

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