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    Posted by Anonymous

    I'm a 21 year old grad student and during the holidays, my roomate Josh had a buddy over and we were drinking heavily and having fun. We decided to play cards and at one point (not sure how) we got into strip poker.

    I have been single for a bit and the thought of seeing a bit of boy skin got me excited. Especially two guys against me.

    Well the cards weren't in my favour and at one point I ended up in my underwears. Then came the bra off and then the g-string. Although the boys were cheering and laughing, I could tell they were blushing just a bit.

    I totally enjoyed loosing and giving the boys a free show. I was standing up and having fun with it all and I could see their eyes taking it all in.

    We kept playing until the boys had to take off their boxers. It was cute, embarassing and fun all into one. I was horny, drunk and in great company - so I suggested that we continue with some dares.

    It began with some kissing and touching but I eventually ended up having to give Josh a blowjob and things escalated from there. We moved over to the couch and dropped the cards and both guys took turns fucking me.

    I shut out the world outside and forgot about all the pre-conceptions of society and just enjoyed the moment. It was an amazing fun time.

    The next day after his buddy left, Josh knocked on my bedroom door and came in sat on my bed and apologized. I lifted the covers, pulled him under. We had a good laugh and I whispered in his ear that I want to do it again.

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    Losing not loosing. Learn how to spell an easy word.
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    I really hate how rude people can be about spelling... they are sharing their thought and stop being rude or delete the app. Assholes
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    You're awesome!
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    This is for #1. It's late Saturday night and I can't do anything now until Monday but I will contact Websters New World College Dictionary and bring to their attention that they miss used the 2 works, lose and loose. According to them, loosing is a correct spelling while losing is unheard off. Just saying. So, who needs to learn to spell? Awynay, a Fuomas Up Ntroh Uvintisery has pevorn taht if the frist and lsat ltetres are in the rghit pcale tehn the wrod can eselay be raed!
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    Pretty cool #4. I'm referring to the spelling if the first and last letters are correct. But #1 is correct about lose and loose. Loose means "Not tied down" or the like. Lose is like LOSS meaning like lose. Oh fuck it. Maybe she made a typo, after all sh started with "I'm a 21 year old grad student". Therefore I'm assuming she knows but did make a typo.
    Case closed.
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    I don't care how this girl spells - I would marry her ! ;)

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