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    Posted by Anonymous

    Camp ground showers should be illeagal.Im a 14 yr old girl and Im getting at the age where my body is starting to change and Im getting very shy about enyone seeing it. I went camping with some friends and when it was my turn to use the showers I walked up and went in the shower building . It didnt take long before I notice there was no wall between the boys showers and the girls showers just the doors were faceing too differnt ways.on the open wall near the door were sinks with mirers. U could look through the mirers and see me in the shower or see somebody else in there first I was going to leave but it was late and I was the only one in there so I got undressed and got in the shower.It seams like as soon as I got in the door opened and a man in his 40s came in he went straight to the sink ofcorce.I seen him first and was praying he didnt notice me naked in his mirror but he did.I seen his eyes go stright to me naked.I barelly got wet yet. I stood there and tried to pretend that I didnt no he could see me so I wouldnt have to face the situation. He was wasteing time just so he could watch me shower.Once the enbarassment wore off I started to get angree that he was watching me and couldnt shower and block my naked body from him seeing me at the same time and he wasnt leaving so i thought screw it if u are that desperate to see a girl naked than go ahead and watch me pervert.He pertended he was texting and stood there and stared at me so I desided to give him a show.I stepped away from the water and started getting my whole body all soappy.I spent extra time washing my boobs and pussy,I renced off and turnd the shower off. I thought for sure he was going to leave but he didnt he waitted to see if I was going to come out to dry off.I kinda was having fun with this it was makeing me tingle inside my whole body and I could feel my nipples getting hard.I waitted a minit or two and I stepped out completely naked in full view of this 40 yr old man. I think I didnt get all shy and embarrased was because He didnt know me and I didnt live any where close to this place I knew I would never see him again so this was my change to be naked in front of a man for the first time.As soon as he knew that I knew he was seeing me naked he turned around and looked directly at me. I can feel his eyes all over my wet naked body.He could see my hard nipples and my bare hairless pussy. My whole body was tingling and I was so hot and just wanted to show him all of my 14 yr old body.I turnd around my back to him and showed my little butt then bent over with my knees straight and dried off my feet sticking my ass up in the air .I know he can see my pussy and it was making me feel all warm inside. When I stood back up and turned around he was standing right next to me and he had his peter out of his pants. It was the first time I ever seen a dick up close and it was huge. He started touching my body with his dick.It felt weard but I didnt stop him for some reason I let him rub it all over me and when he got it against my pussy I realized my pussy was wet and creamy and It felt awsom.Once he got it up to my pussy I just start shivering and shaking. He put his hands on both of my butt cheeks and pulled me tord his dick. In like no time he had half of his dick up inside of me.He stopped and waited for my body to stop quivering and starting moving it around . I can feel it going in each time he moved. It was big and rubery and I didnt know if it was going to fit any further but he kept pushing it in some more. I felt it when he was all the way in me and he only used like less than have of his dick. All the mussles in my body tighted up and I was like stuck on his dick and every time he pushed he almost lifted me off the floor. He was sqeezing my ass with his hands and he was breathing real hard.All the sudden he started squrting inside of my pussy.every time he pushed he squrted more in me I can feel my pussy filling up fast It felt real warm and started over flowing and runnig down the insides of my legs. I thought he peed in me at first. When he stopped he got all nervse and quickly put it back in his pants and like ran tords the door and left.when I looked down I had his juice just pooring out of me. My whole body was shaking and I rubbed my pussy till it tickled alot all at once Ive never felt that good before and want that to happin again

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    either you had a bad dream, or you got some bad dope.
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    thank you ...i just came... too
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    I TRULY hope you are not in an English speaking/spelling country, because as far as your English goes, you type like a retard.
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    I think u got......RAPED!
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    When you are a teen.Its only matter of time befor you discover and try new things. Out
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    When I was 10 my parents separated and when I was 12 their divorce was final and I never saw my Dad again. We moved to a nudist community in a southern state and after that I hardly ever wore clothes again. You get over being shy really fast when there's hundreds of naked people walking around and you're the only one wearing clothes and they don't stop staring at you until you take them off. It took me about half an hour to get over being shy. That evening I used the community showers at the club house. Imagine 50 men and women and boys and girls of all ages all naked taking a shower together. Imagine half of them are fat and ugly and old. Now imagine you are the only girl between ten and 15 years of age and and there are a dozen hot boys between 12 and 15 and you look really good with or without clothes. Now imagine nobody is trying to get you to take your clothes off because everyone is already naked and in fact a really hot 14 year old boy whose junk you've already seen asked you out on a date which means you got to go put clothes on. Now imagine there is no pressure at all to get naked on the date because you both know you're going to see each other naked after the date anyways. Now imagine you can always tell if a guy likes you because you can see his dick get hard every time he sees you.

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    Wow HOTT I wish I had been that guy you would have came very hard. Love young pussy
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    #3....I think you are the retard. Whats wrong with her confession? Sure, there were many misspelled words but the typing was very readable. Just you, you think every thing has to be perfect.....Well, in that case you should start with yourself and stop complaining, shape up, become perfect yourself and then complain. In that case you'll never complain again because I know, in the name of Jesus, you will never be perfect. There are only 3 perfect people alive and that's God, Jesus and Me. somf.

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