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    Posted by Anonymous

    I am a married man, and have a great wife. We used to have sex all the time, but now she says it doesn't excite her. I really need to satisfy myself but I don't want to cheat on her so I found a way. If you find a bottle or something like that that your dick can fit into, your set. Put your penis in the whole, right when you need to take the worst piss of your life. Try and maybe hold the pee in all day so you get a god amount. Do this until the container is full. Jack off inside the piss and it feels like a pussy. You can even leak out more pee to keep the piss warm. It is the greatest feeling. My wife knows about this and nderstands why I do it. Sometimes she will even let me use her piss. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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    Oh baby sounds good to me!!!!!! Im gonna take a leak right now
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    That has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life. You keep a jar of piss sitting around for when you're ready to get off? Do you keep it in the fridge, or what? Silliness.
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    I just keep the jar not the piss, cuz ten it'll get cold and in won't feel like I'm inside her. I freshly piss everytime. Try it.
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    That's sick! Tell your wife either to satisfy you, or else you'll be looking elsewhere.
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    No! dont do that the bottle trick is working!
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    you can get a latex vagina that feels like a women, I saw it in a catologue. Its probably more sanitary and besides didn't you ever see that movie 'My life as a Dog' ? the kid gets his penis stuck in a bottle, what if it broke and cut your penis, or something like that? Just be careful and seek alternatives.
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    Why not try pissing on your frigid bitch of a wife?
  • 8
    I'm not frigid, I've just been getting better sex on the side from someone else. You've never seen my husband, have you? He's let himself go in a big way - and would you want to be with something that gets off on pissplay? Why don't you go fuck your hand a bit more and give advice about people's wives when you actually have one yourself.

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