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    Posted by Anonymous

    A few years ago, I met this filthy rich girl. She was tall, blonde, 24ish, beautiful breasts and fun - I was 19, smooth with a big thick cut cock and very very horny.

    She took me up to her parent's cottage sprawling estate. We spent the afternoon swimming naked in the pool and having wild sex everywhere. In the pool room, in the sauna, on the pool deck, in some ratan room...inside, outside..etc.

    The most erotic part was that her family's Butler kept bringing us drinks and food during the entire day. He was about 30ish, french and fairly good looking. She would be sucking my cock as he drops off drinks and she would not skip a beat.

    At one point I was fucking her and he just came in and dropped off some finger foods. She had her legs in the air and I was giving her a good pounding but he just stood there and watched and smiled.

    At the end of the day we were in a large shower room and when we came out, he was waiting with towels in hand. It was ALL VERY VERY STRANGE !!

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    nice fantacy

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